Monday, June 27, 2011

New friends

On Saturday, we finally met the DiCocco’s. I had first found out about Billy, Trace and their family through my friend Sarah, who had met them at Mars Hill church. Trace writes a blog, which I began stalking as soon as I knew we’d be moving to South Africa. Strangely enough, my other friend Sarah and I later figured out that the family I kept going on and on about used to be her neighbors! Such a small world. The DiCocco’s have been living near Johannesburg for several years doing ministry with a few different organizations. I loved reading through her blog, seeing the pictures, and imagining what our life might look like once we moved to South Africa.

As our move got closer, I began to email Trace and she would answer all my crazy and not so crazy questions. It was so wonderful to have someone over HERE who used to live right near us and knew all about the transition process. Since we’ve been her, we’ve continued to email and we also made plans to meet up with them to check out a holiday camp their church helps run. I kept getting the dates wrong and thought the holiday camp was 2 weeks ago, then one week ago, and finally, sensing my desperation to be with people, Trace suggested we get together on Saturday. So we did.

Trace, Harrison and Avery came to spend the day with us on Saturday. Billy is actually in the states right now visiting family and friends, and their oldest, Madi, stayed home for the day. I was nervous about having people over because I am not the greatest hostess around. I’m just not. I was also feeling very insecure because I had heard about Trace and had read stuff she’d written and I kept thinking “She is going to think I am such a nutcase”, but we had a wonderful time together.

Tyson and Jori LOVED Harrison and Avery. Harrison is 14 (or is it 13) and Avery is 11 and they were just the coolest kids. Seriously, I hope our kids grow up to be like them! They were so very kind to Tyson and Jori. They even brought them the coolest stuffed animals that they MADE! Yes, they made them out of clothes. How cool is that. So Tyson has a new turtle to cuddle with at night and Jori has a bunny. Not only were they great with our kids, but they talked to Darin and I as well and just seemed so comfortable in all different situations. So great job Trace and Billy! Jori said she and Avery already “made plans” for when we see them on Thursday J And Harrison taught Tyson some ninja moves, so that pretty much makes him a total hero to Tyson.

When they first arrived, the kids split off boys and girls and went exploring. They were just all over the place. Darin and I spent time talking with Trace and hearing more about what brought them here in the first place and it was just exciting for us to learn more about this country and what is being done here. After talking for a long while Trace made us the most incredible meal (see, I told you I was a bad hostess!). She made risotto and it was just so good! Darin has already made plans to buy risotto and a bunch of ingredients to try and make our own : ) Thankfully we’ll be able to get the recipe on Thursday.

After lunch, we went on a game drive. We did not see any rhino or giraffe, but did see zebra, wildebeest, blesbok, impala, warthogs and waterbok, which we hadn’t seen before. During the drive Avery wrote on the kids arms, which they thought was awesome and we were able to spend more time talking together. We made a stop at Tamboti at the end for some dessert. After the game drive the girls continued watching “Beauty and the Beast” and Tyson and Harrison were off blowing up ostriches and other crazy games that Tyson totally loved.

Crazily enough, we visited Eastside Community Church yesterday and there was a guest pastor speaking. About half way through the service, we realized that this guy was talking about the same holiday club program that Trace had been telling us about on Saturday. Sure enough, it was the pastor from their church!  We are looking forward to going out to visit their holiday club on Thursday and just spend more time getting to know the DiCocco family!


Sarah said...

So glad you got to officially meet (part of) the DiCocco's! They were such great neighbors, and I'm happy that you get to be neighborly with them now! And I love that she cooked while at your have found a great friend! Miss you and your smile. SAD said...

God didn't make no nutcases!!!!!!!!!
Remember who you are in Him-precious loved, and cherished. I kinda feel the same way about you! It is a pretty secure person who will let another woman cook in her kitchen. She has to be special and so are you. Keep watching for God's surprises and for those He puts right in your path-hope it is not a lion. Realize what a blessing you have been given living right where you are. Be blessed - Stay blessed. Mom

Amy said...

If you want a good risotto recipe, let me know! Rob started making it when we saw it on Hell's Kitchen a few years ago. He makes it so good now--one of my favorite dishes.

The Feys said...

Amy, I would love the recipe. My email is
Thanks for reading!

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