Winding Down

In less than two weeks, we will be on our way to the US of A; or rather 3 of us will be on our way to the states and Darin will already be in Germany. We have started packing (2 suitcases are full!) and are working our way through the food in our fridge and freezer. This week we have Amo coming for one last sleepover before we go and on the weekend we plan to have a little party with her whole family to hang out and eat KFC!

Tyson and Jori have a list of assignments they need to complete by next Thursday and they are both planning to work ahead so that they can have most of next week off. Last week we had the #TooCoolforSchool Art Fair with our fellow homeschooling friends, which was our last "fun" event until we get back in July and I have recovered from jet lag. It is crazy that we are almost half way finished with our school year; probably closer to two-thirds of the way finished as we've been grinding through a lot of the subjects.

Getting ready to head out on such a…

What to pack.

It's Thursday. A cool, cloudy, breezy day. We have been enjoying the cooler weather this week and the rain! Tys and Jori are pretty much finished with school for the week. Tomorrow is ice skating, which Tyson has already decided to opt out of. He can't keep his feet from blistering, so the experience isn't much fun for him. Darin has some errands to run, so maybe he'll choose to go with him instead. That is, assuming we will be able to get to the rink tomorrow. National elections are next month and there have been protests in different parts of the country, and today they came our way. I think the protest was something to do with taxis and a lack of service delivery in the community. We could see smoke from burning tires and all the schools were closed, but there wasn't any action on our side of the highway. Who knows what tomorrow or the weeks leading up to (or after) the election will bring.
Darin and Jori are picking up food donations since the Take Action drive…

Let's Fly!

It's April already and the weather has been cool enough to start bringing down the temperature inside our house. Hooray. I have come to really enjoy this time of year, our "fall". I am a jeans and sweatshirt kind of girl and this is the time of year when these items can be worn daily in the house, but when you step outside the sun reminds you that summer is still not totally over.

Just over a week ago, Darin and I made what for us was a rash decision. We were talking about an overseas work trip that was coming up for Darin and trying to figure out if he could extend it without causing me and the kids to go insane, when we decided "Hey, why not have Jonna and the kids go to Oregon while Darin travels and then he can join us to continue our US holiday to Michigan and Minnesota". So, that is what we did. Instead of journeying across the ocean in 2020, we've moved our plans up by a year. Tickets have been purchased and we will be stateside in June! The kids and…

School Projects

The kids have been busy doing school projects the past few weeks. Overall, it was a good experience, and nicer than taking tests! 
For science, they had to choose a natural disaster and make a news story about it. The three parts can be found here, here, and here.
They also wrote a newspaper for history. This was their first experience with writing a newspaper and learning about Lewis and Clark. Check out their newspaper here
Grades for term one are finished and klaar. Tomorrow we start term 2 with a bang...Shakespeare, here we come.

My secret life as a pool cleaner...

Today I spent 2 hours crawling around the swimming pool on my knees vacuuming up the dirt that had settled at the bottom. I didn’t want to deal with another sunburn, so I wore a long sleeve shirt and had Jori put sunscreen on my neck. I am guessing by tomorrow morning the pool will look just as dirty, but I gave it my best shot.
I’ve managed 2 nights in a row sleeping with the bite guard in! Thanks for all the advice!! I am sure my quality of sleep will keep improving as I get more used to it and maybe I will also magically stop clenching my teeth in the day time!
I did a lot of home school planning while the kids were gone. I have a lot of friends here who “un-school”, and while there are times that might be a lot easier, there are certain things I want the kids to learn and know how to do, not only for educational opportunities down the road, but also for life. I took time to go through all the assignments I have planned for the week to weed out “busy work”, which I am not a fan …

Introverts Unite!

It’s Saturday morning; cool with a slight breeze after some rain last night. Darin has been gone for 2 weeks and we have one week to go until he is back home. We dealt with load shedding (power cuts) the first week he was gone and a car breaking down the second week, so hopefully this last week will be smooth sailing.
I picked up my new bite guard on Wednesday. I have managed to sleep with it for one night. If anyone has tips on getting used to sleeping with plastic in your mouth, let me know! I tried to sleep with it in last night and after tossing and turning for a few hours I gave up.
I have been trying to find the areas of stress in my life as a bite guard, even one that I keep in my mouth all night, is not the solution to my teeth grinding. I discovered something I need that is often hard to come by; I need time alone. Completely alone. The kids slept over at friends (thank you Oosthuizen family) the weekend Darin left and when I walked into our empty house after dropping Darin…

Stress and dental care

It is already a week into February and just about time for Darin to head off on another adventure. Tomorrow night he is heading to Ghana for a week and Kenya for a bit longer than that. He has a lot of meetings and conferences and might even have to pack a suit coat for this trip!

Tys and Jori have finished one month of home schooling. There are days that go really well, days that are pretty bad and days where I think "we did what we could". I'd say most days are like that. We have moved away from Easy Peasy in several subjects as they just weren't working for us for one reason or another. We are now doing Teaching Textbooks for Pre-Algebra, CK12 for Earth Science and I am throwing together a bit of this and that for US History as our kids do not have the groundwork that most US children get throughout elementary school and we've had to take time to figure out some of the historical figures and events that they *should* know about.

We are trying to liven up our h…