Sunday, September 17, 2017

My trip to Washington by Jorin Fey

First of all, let me tell you how long I was crammed in a 8 seater car with lots of bags.  We were driving for 22 hours.  We stopped about 4-6 times and slept over at a hotel.  Two of my cousins, Makenna and Nevaeh, were in the car with me, my dad, my grandpa and grandma, Tyson, and my uncle Israel.  Most of the time we would sleep or watch a movie.  We ate sandwiches for lunch and had snacks and drank pop.  And when we got to the lodge after driving for 22 hours we were tired .Some of the people we first saw were Maddie, Carter,auntie Leah,Avery and other relatives.There was a swimming pool,mini golf course,a river ,you could rent a bike and lots of other fun things.
Tyson and my dad shared a room me, my cousins,Maddie and grandpa and grandma shared a room and Israel slept with Carter. After a while us girls went in the swimming pool.It was cold but not really cold.For supper we ate we went down by the river and ate under a tent. We then went and swam again. After swimming we showered and went to the beds to look at pictures .

After about 30 minutes we went to find the grown ups. And we found them in the lounge.They told us we were going to play games.I think first we played Mafia,I was the Mafia with Nevaeh and some one else.After about 2 round they found out who one of the Mafia was .So that person died.Then we all went to sleep and me and Nevaeh chose who to kill and the game went on until towards the end Nevaeh got caught.So on went the game until I died and everyone who was still alive heard the word there are no more Mafia.We then played the game 4 on the couch,and since it was a small lounge there was no couch so instead we played 4 on the chairs.It was very fun and I can’t even remember who won.We then went back to our room and talked to each other then we went to bed.Me and Nevaeh shared the top bunk,Makenna and Maddie shared the bottom and my grandparents shared the big bed.

The next morning we woke up around 8 and got ready and went to the lounge and ate breakfast.For breakfast there was yoghurt,peaches ,oats,toast ,waffles and cereal.After breakfast we went back to our room and brushed our teeth and went to look around for a while.Then when we came back we went swimming.We felt the water then decided to jump in.Once you got in it warmed up.We would play games and have races .Me and Neveah even made up a dance routine.We stayed in for about 45 minutes then got out.Next to the swimming pool there was a shelf with towels in it.So we took 1 and went back to our room.We then went in the shower in our swim suits and washed each others hair.After we dried off and got dressed we went to the lounge and looked at their movies.We rented about 5 movies and then went back to watch some of them.

First we watched Sharpays fabulous adventures then Hair spray.After watching we went and swam and played we were mermaids.Maddie didn’t swim with us so we 3 played  .When we got out the 3 of us went to shower .Then grandma came in when we were reaching in the cooler to get a can of pop.She told us we were aloud to have 2 cans of pop a day.So we got our first can and we watched hair spray,since Nevaeh like it a lot.We probably swam 2 more times that day and showered about 2 more times.After eating super again we probably swam .Then later we went to the lounge and played the same games ,the Mafias and 4 on the couch.Then we wet back to our room at about 10:30 and talked again while drinking our second can of pop.

When I woke up the next morning no one else was awake,only grandma.So I layed in the bed waiting for someone else to wake up.I waited for about 5 minutes then got up to go to the bathroom.When I got back some of them were awake.So we then got ready and went to eat breakfast.There was the same thing for breakfast that day and every day we were there .So we got our breakfast and went back to the room and finished getting ready.I am sure me and Nevaeh then swam ,and Makenna and Maddie didn’t. We swam for about 20-30 minutes then got out and went to shower.Me and Nevaeh showered together in our suits ,we were in the shower for 10 minutes.

 Once we got dressed we watched a movie.Then we swam before lunch ,once we showered and got dressed we ate lunch.For lunch there was tuna or Peanut butter and jelly.I had tuna the others had the other stuff.We drank a can of pop with our lunch.After a while we went and swam all together.We played mermaids and chicken.In chicken first me and Makenna  were on a team and we won ,then we swapped and me and Maddie were on a team and we won again.

Then me and Nevaeh taught Makenna our dance routine.When we got out we went and showered.We swam about 2 more times that day when we were walking down to the river for supper and people were walking up they were more family.So after we introduced our selves we went down to the tent.After supper we went back up to the rooms and probably changed to swim .Later in the night we went to the lounge for games.We played the same games every night.So we first played Mafia and I was a sheriff .I don’t think I died until the end.Or we won.After we played we went back and played a game and watched a movie then went to bed at around 11 : 30.

The next day we pretty much did the same things. After we swam we got our first can of pop and laid out in the that point we were so used to Mountain Dew and there was none left so we drank Pepsi. And it tasted funny. And I think that was the day we went tubing. We had to drive about 5 minutes. We all had to wear a life jacket. We waited for more of our people to come. When they came, we lined up in rows of three. Then we got I our tubes and left. The water was cold at first. Me, Makenna, Nevaeh and Maddie held on to each other. The rocks would look like fish moving. After about ten minutes of floating we had to get out and walk up. But by then the current was strong and it was difficult to get ashore. We could go around a second time, but Nevaeh didn’t want to so grandma stayed with her. When we arrived we got out and left. When we got to the end we were cold. So we went and swam in the swimming pool. At night, we played games. When we went to bed me and Nevaeh were tickling each other.

The next morning, we ate and swam and we watched movies. And when we had to go I was sad, because I had to leave the best family and friends. So, we said good bye and rode off.

( Some of the days might be wrong but none of the memories are)

Thursday, September 14, 2017

In which I confess to giving my 13 year old a gap year

So my original title of this post had the subtitle "and he repays me by acting like an over-indulged little sh**", but I didn't think that was very kind.

For the past several years, our kids have attended a small private school near our house. Unfortunately, this school does not include a high school, which starts in Grade 8 here. So after wrapping up Grade 7 in December 2016, Tyson joined the ranks of those who learn at home.

Here's the bottom line on how this year has gone: I am not home enough to home school my kid. The end.

My life is not scheduled. Meetings pop up that I do not have control over; there are some things that you cannot deal with over the phone, so you must physically drive 40 minutes round trip for a 5 minute conversation; when I did try to have a set schedule of days I would go out and days I would stay home, something always popped up that screwed up all of my planning. You get the picture.

We started out the year with science, math, on-line typing, on-line grammar and that was it. Today only math remains and Tyson just informed me he has 3 lessons left and he will be finished with the whole book.

I have a sullen, sulky teenager who sees the world in black and white and trying to add new things to his "program" usually ends up with a lot of talking back on his part and yelling on mine.

me: Tyson, I want you to write a report today on ______________.
Tyson: What??? I have already done 20 minutes of school. You are so mean.
me: Tyson, a normal school day is 6 hours so QUIT BEING SUCH A BABY.

The end.

I have a few friends who "unschool" and do you know what? It totally works for them. You know what else? They are really present and invested in what their kids are learning and doing and interested in. The hard truth for me is I am not in a place where I can be that present for Tyson. This has been a hard year for me and no amount of self-blame or self-shame has motivated me to up my game and be a better resource for my kid.

Yet, for all of its frustrations, and there have been many, the year has not been a total loss. My sweet boy had a few pretty bad years at school with a whole lot of bullying, name calling, being cussed-out and torn down. It was not nice and my boy needed a break. I have seen how the time away from daily encounters with ugliness has allowed my boy to heal and hold his head up high again.

He has had more time to spend with friends who understand him and love him just the way he is. He has been building things out of wood, learning some sweet dance moves, helping Darin with projects around the house and joining me as I visit day care centres. He is greeted by cheerful 3 and 4 year olds yelling " Abuti Tyson, Abuti Tyson", which means brother Tyson..

One of the best parts about home schooling is that there isn't any homework. Can I just say, I HATE homework. I detest it. Teach the kids at school and let them play and relax at home. When Tyson was in regular school, I dreaded afternoons. Sure, it was great having kid free mornings to get done what I needed to do, but the afternoon battles with homework were the worst. Come home from school, get into screaming matches with your kid about doing homework that seems A: pointless and B:confusing, take a break for supper, yell some more, send kid to bed, go into bedroom 30 minutes later to apologize for yelling, repeat for a whole school year.

The truth is, I love having Tyson around. I even told Darin I kind of want to home school Jori too because it has been so much fun getting to know Tyson in a different way. However, I am not disciplined enough to home school my kids and I am not present enough to home school my kids. So the obvious answer seems to be "find a school and get your kid in there ASAP", but I am hesitant because of the bullying and the totally crappy afternoons filled with homework.

So, there is a new school possibility starting in January. Darin and I are going to a parents meeting on Sunday. I want to know about policies on bullying and policies on homework. These are the make it or break it issues for me. If we don't decide on this school, I told Tyson he will be doing a formal home school program next year, either on line (because we finally have awesome Internet!!) or an offline program. We will then hire someone to come in at least 2 days a week to do some cleaning and keep an eye on Tyson and I will just have to become better at scheduling my life.

So ends my confession.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

An accidental missionary

We moved here in June 2011 with big plans. Our plans involved business and being our own bosses, getting involved with some projects on the side and having time and money to travel. I am sure that life could have been pretty sweet, but our plans took a nose dive a few months after we sold almost all of our possessions in the states and moved our family of four overseas.

The business started showing some cracks, then major faults and finally bankruptcy. Our investment, gone. Our savings, depleted. Our spirits, low. For me, this was a time of deep depression.

We ended up being thrown a lifeline in September 2012 and moved into Tshepo ya Bana in November of that year. We were now houseparents to a whole lot of littles as well as our own two who were still pretty little themselves. Suddenly, we were thrust into a role we hadn't planned on, that of missionary. This was not something we promoted then, nor is it how we identify ourselves now, unless it is to get out of a speeding ticket.

Fast forward to September 2015, when we joined Take Action Ministry in their work. This change meant moving off of the TYB property and finding our own place, which also meant seeking additional support because, other than a few filter sales, we still didn't have much money. Now what kind of people raise support...missionaries. So, again, we found ourselves pressed into a mold that pinched and scraped and felt a bit uncomfortable.

It is now September 2017. We recently returned from the states and we did some very missionary-type things, like speaking in front of churches about our work overseas and thanking them for their, gulp, support. Our names were even listed on the back of a bulletin as missionaries, right there in black and white.

The thing is, this is not what we set out to be, and lately, I find that I am really struggling under the weight of a title that I did not ask for, but somehow have received. We didn't move here as part of a team or organization. We don't even really have a "sending" church, as we sent ourselves without a committee meeting to discuss it or advise us for or against such a decision. We did not attend Bible classes, missions orientation courses, retreat centers in Colorado or language training in Florida.

Now I find myself in an uncomfortable position. I feel like many people who read this are from the churches that so kindly support us and that their view of who we are, or more specifically who I am, and the reality of who I am are on two different planes. I often feel like I have to present an image of someone who has it all together. "It" being my marriage, parenting, spiritual walk, physical and mental health, and just life in general.

Yet I know who I am. I know that my husband and I aren't talking right now, I stood in my kitchen screaming at my son last night, my Bible is rarely opened, my body is aging poorly and I'm handling my mental health with a half a pill every morning, but it should probably be more.

Now here's the thing, living this overseas, cross-cultural life has brought me into contact with a lot of real missionaries; people who planned and prepared to live a missional life; and while they are all amazing, I KNOW that they don't have it all together and don't want to add any pressure to their lives. So please, don't misread what I am saying as "missionaries have it all going on and they never falter or fail". That's not my point.

I am just an ordinary woman who has been given a title by accident. A title that might seem fitting from the outside, but it isn't who I am. I used to be so much more honest in my writing and to those around me, about what I was experiencing and how I was doing in most facets of my life. In recent years though, I have found myself holding back. This isn't only because of a title on the back of a bulletin, but knowing that people who financially support us to live here in South Africa are reading this blog and seeing what I post on Facebook does act as a censor of sorts. What if I write something like "my Bible is rarely opened" and someone decides my family is not worthy of support?

The thing is, writing here used to be a sort of refuge for me; this was where I could share my heart and if you didn't like it you were welcome to not read any further. Now I feel a sense of accountability because some people identify me as a missionary, a position often linked to spiritual giants and mighty men and women of faith.

I'm just me. I live life in a country that is different and also not so very different than your own. my days are filled with dishes, laundry, teenage hormones, driving around trying to find answers to things that should be so simple and a whole lot of Jesus. Only one of those things isn't actually true, but I feel obligated to tack it on anyways.

So maybe things will start getting more real here, or maybe I'll buy a journal. Either way, I have some work to do.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Cell Phones and Teenagers-a report by Tyson Fey

I’m going to talk about the dangers of social media and if children under a certain age should have a phone.

So first I’m going to talk about what said. The fact that Snapchat can be used for sexting is just worrying. I’m thirteen years old and I have a phone that has Snapchat on it, and I don’t want to become a victim of sexting. Sexting is a very big thing that is used around the world, it is disgusting, weird, and most of all inappropriate. Isn’t it weird that all social media can be used for sexting? Why don’t the makers of whatever program just make something that when you take a picture of something inappropriate it deletes it immediately. In my personal opinion sexting is very dangerous.

Some of the reasons are:
-          -  Sexting can cause harm to people
-          -  It can make them make do stuff they don’t want/aren’t supposed to do

Why I think it can cause harm to people is because, if they look at a picture of some ones “thing” it can be stuck in their mind for a very long time.

 It can make people do stuff that they don’t want/aren’t supposed to do.
-        -  Have sex at a young age
-        -  Look at porn
-         - There is peer pressure
      Why I say look at porn is because they will want to see more inappropriate things, after they look at a picture of some ones “thing.”
      There is also peer pressure, like if some girls are taking pics of themselves half naked you might feel you need to do the same, because you think I’m going to lose my friends.

      Now what Go Pro Dad said

-          - Can be used for cyber bullying

Cyber bullying is a big thing. It can cause people to kill themselves, do weird stuff etc. Cyber bullying is very dangerous. It is a big threat to us. People can send you bad messages and tell you mean stuff, so don’t add anyone that you don’t know. Cyber bullying is something used for very bad purposes. People say that words can hurt more than a sword or dagger, that is bullying for you. 

 I used to get bullied in school, it was the worst. I hated it, but I kept on getting bullied. But cyber bullying is different than regular bullying, because it starts with one little thing then everybody participates, and it can end up going nationwide. Someone can get one of your pictures and mess around with it, in the end you are a totally different person {in the picture}.

There is another thing that I saw on Go Pro Dad, that Snapchat can sell/redistribute your videos. Now that is a very bad thing, because if you send a nude video to someone and it goes away Snapchat has access to that video no matter what. Let’s say that you post a video, and you put in your location, someone can see that and find you and kidnap you.

The last thing that I’m going to talk about is my opinion on should children under 15 have a phone. I think it’s okay. But there are other people that have different answers. Some people said yes and some said no.

Some reasons that phones are useful:
- kids might need a phone for school
- if there is an emergency and parents are not around
- for listening to music

Even though there are dangers, parents can do the following to help prevent them:
-supervise their children while they are on their phones
-set time limits
-block certain websites
-have a password for the wi-fi

If parents help children use their phones responsibly, then kids can have fun with their phones and also stay safe. I know that some parents would still say no to this. I do agree that if you have a phone you will always want to go on it, because that is what it’s like for me. 

Monday, September 4, 2017

It doesn't ALWAYS rain in Oregon!!

So, my family drove off towards Washington state and I flew to Oregon. My nephew, Gage, picked me up and drove me to the hospital. It was so, so, so, good to see my sister Kristi and give her a big hug. Seeing Sawyer was also so, so, so, SO good, but so hard. I had seen pictures that my family had sent, but wasn't prepared to see his bruises and scrapes and "Hello there Halo vest" up close and personal. He looked better than I expected, but small and vulnerable (sorry Sawyer, but I think that is true of anyone in the hospital). He had a lot of friends come up to visit that night, so Kristi and I hung out in the playroom and ate dinner in the cafeteria before heading to the Ronald McDonald House, which was amazing. Like for real, what a gift!

Kristi and I stayed up and talked way too long. The next day I saw my other sister Laurie and her Carson and Kelsey. More cafeteria food (don't eat the burgers), lots of laughs and lots of time spent hanging in Sawyer's room. On Monday I saw my parents. They brought Kinley, my 6 year old niece, up to spend some time with her mama who she was missing too much. Kinley and I hung out the next 2 days; there was swimming, coloring, riding little bikes around the ward, and climbing in window sills. Sawyer kept on improving day by day and on that Wednesday evening they sent him home! Seriously. Break your neck on a Tuesday and you're back at home just over a week later. I slept over at Kristi's Wednesday and Thursday and then on Friday my family arrived from Washington.

Then it was off to my mom and dad's house. Did I mention that it was unusually hot in Oregon? Well, it was. Hot. Shopping was a good past time as it involved air conditioned spaces. Sitting in front of a fan was also nice. I do not think we had one day of rain. So weird. For the next week we all just kind of hung out, moving from house to house. The grown up people all hung out and the small kids too. The teenagers were kind of in and out, with their jobs and friends and girlfriends and broken necks keeping them otherwise occupied. We had cookouts at Laurie's house a few times and the kids enjoyed their blow up (partially blown up?) pool and hot tub. Kristi's house had the trampoline and my parents place had a swing in a tree. Something for everyone.

I did feel a little bad for Tyson and Jori. They went from 4 weeks of being with kids their age (Huisman's and cousins) to being surrounded by teenagers and a 6 year old (and later a 3 and 1 year old). They were just a little lost and a little holiday-ed out by that point. My mom said next time we are in the states we need to go there first so she gets us all at our best :) I loved all the places we were at, but this was my family. I love my family. That's just normal, so I was kind of like "Sorry kids, go eat another otter pop. I'm enjoying some quality sister time now".

A super special thing was that my brother Danny and his wife Soo Hee came from Korea, and Josh and Yoojin and their girls came down from Washington and we were ALL together for several days. Lots of togetherness, including a Sunday together at the church where my dad used to be a pastor. My dad preached, Darin and I spoke about our life and ministry in South Africa and we celebrated my parents 49th anniversary with cake after church in the social hall. This is the social hall where I used to roller skate and bring my pet turtles to play. Such good memories! It was really lovely to see so many familiar faces and meet new people as well.

After church, we headed out to a house at the coast for 3 nights of family fun. It was fun. It was also super windy. That wasn't so fun as being blasted by sand is no bueno. We played games (Catch Phrase!) and did puzzles (3!) and watched movies (Pretty Woman is not so appropriate for an 11 year old, but staying up til after 1 to watch it with your aunties and a cousin is kind of a special thing, so we just did some eye covering during certain scenes). We also took a lot of walks to the beach and the teenagers took lots of drives to the coffee shop and McDonald's and Danny and Darin moaned at them like old, grumpy men. It was FUN. Seriously, it is all the little things that make a time so memorable. Like our sweet 1 year old niece Addy not wanting anything to do with any of us and her sister Kate being such a hug-a-bug. I can sit here and see them in my mind right now, stubborn and sweet, and it makes me smile.

The only one who didn't make it out for any beach time was Laurie's second oldest, Cam. He had to work. How boring. A broken down motorcycle brought Caden to us for a night, and although he might not have been too happy about this, we were all thrilled. Did I mention that there wasn't any wifi. What place doesn't have wifi? Especially in America?? However, this was beautiful as I am pretty sure the teens wouldn't have been so eager to play games and puzzle and intermingle with us much older and much younger folks if there had been better Internet access.

We left the beach on Wednesday morning and headed back to Salem. We had a cookout that night at Laurie's place. Josh, Yoojin and their sweetie pies left from there. Danny and Soo Hee left on Thursday morning. I am so glad both of my brothers and their sweet brides were able to be around at the same time we were. It had been way, way too long since we were all together.

The kids enjoyed a last swim and rock climb at the Kroc Center, Darin and I did some last minute shopping and Darin did lots of packing. We ate good food, hung out with the remaining family and just squeezed every last drop out of our time in the US. We went to sleep too late on Thursday night and had to wake up way too early on Friday morning to catch our flight. I can still see my mama waving from the porch. My dad dropped us off and we quickly found out that our early rising was in vain. Our flight out of Oregon was delayed and it threw off our whole trip. We ended up switching to another airline and sitting in the airport for hours. We were all happy that this spot did have wifi and outlets to keep everything charged.

After 2 very long flights (and lots of good movies. Have you seen Lion? You should. A United Kingdom? Do it. I wish I could think of the others. They were all so good.) we finally made it back to South Africa, a place that didn't feel quite like home. We had the no power issue, the car not working issue, the "our house is so cold" issue, and lots of missing of family and friends and all of the fun.

We have been back almost a month. The jet lag does disappear. The familiarity of place comes back again. Kids settle in to school and friends and home life. Work starts up again, relationships are rekindled. We hold onto our memories, but we don't live in them. We learn to live our life here, and it is good.

Friday, August 25, 2017

My Trip To America Part 4 & 5-by Tyson Fey

Part 4
After we went to my grandma and grandpa, we went to a reunion. On that same day, my mom left to help with my auntie’s son Sawyer. He broke a few places of his body. The reunion took place in Washington. When we got there we said hi to everybody, because we hadn’t seen them in a very long time.
After that we went to our rooms and got settled in, I was with my dad. My sister was with the girls. I think we then went to swim at the pool.
Every day we would hang out, swim, watch movies, play.
We would drink Mountain Dew, Dr Pepper. We would go down into the valley to eat at dinner. One of the days we went down this freezing cold river. We went down it in tubes. There were some currents that would splash you with water. We went down it twice.
Then after the trip was over we left for my other grandma and grandpa that lived in Oregon.
Part 5
We had to drive a total of six hours to get to Pop and Grams. Three hours in a car and three more in a bus. When we got to our destination we had to get our bags. We then spotted papa! We loaded our bags into the car, and drove off! The first stop we made was, to my auntie’s house, because my mom went there to help with Sawyer. We got there and said hi to everybody, hugged my mom. Then we left for pop and grams’ house which was five minutes away from my auntie’s house. We got there and took our bags out of the car. Then we went to bed.

Some of the days we went to swim at the Krok center. There was a diving board, a normal pool, swimming lanes, and a hot tub. We would go there occasionally and swim. I forgot to mention that there was a rock climbing wall there. You had to get signed in and get a stamp to go on it. I only managed to climb up one of the walls.

Other times we would go to my other auntie’s house. they had a hot tub there and a swimming pool! We would play a game in the swimming pool where you had to flip the other person off their floatie. We would also put a floatie on the edge of the pool and run and pull it under us. The hot tub was also fun. You could make bubbles. We would just sit in it.

On one of the days we went to Wunderland, it is an arcade. We got tickets and prizes. It was so fun there.

At Pop and Gram’s house, there was a swing. We would fight to see who would go on it first, or we would say I get the swing beforehand. They also had a fake gun and it was cool. I would play with it a lot. We would play a game on the swing where you had to touch the other’s foot to go on the swing, or we would play a game where you had to throw a ball at the other person and if you didn’t kick it you had to give the swing to the other person.

While we were in Oregon I got a phone from my cousin Sawyer. It is an I-phone 5. It can take good pictures. I’ve always wanted an I-phone. I now use snapchat and whatsapp on my phone.

We also went to the coast while we were there. It took us an hour to get there, we were the first ones there. We had to look again to see if we were at the right house. We then saw it was the right house. We got out of the car and we typed in the code that opened the door. We then unpacked. We looked around the house and saw the rooms. Then everybody came and we helped them unpack their cars. We got settled in and we ate and went to bed. We would go to the ocean occasionally and would look for shells, we would never swim because the water was too cold. We would also watch movies. One of the days we went to the dollar tree and I got some stuff. The kids slept in the garage. We would talk and have fun. Then that was over and we went back, but got lost along the way.

Then we went to eat at my auntie’s house. We then went back and stayed at pop and grams for a few more nights and left for South Africa!

Monday, August 21, 2017

My Trip to America Part 3-Tyson Fey

After we went to the Oarabile, we went to my grandma and grandpa. We got there and I was the first to go in. they were so happy to see us. We were also happy to see them. We got there and settled in and ate. We ate snicker salad, beans, steak wrapped in bacon. The food was so good!!!!!!! We then talked and went to bed. Then we got up and ate. We also watched a lot of movies and shows.

Sometimes we would go to uncle Justin’s farm. I went there and helped with some stuff and drove the ranger. Sometimes the cows would get out of their fence and we had to help. I got to drive the ranger to my uncle’s moms house. Me and my cousins would play cops and robbers on the ranger, it was fun.  Some days we would go to the Edgerton city pool. Onetime they had a competition, I got second place for the coolest trick!! At the end of the competitions there was a penny dive, I got 71 cents.

We also went to the lake. It was so fun!!! We went tubing and played in the water. We also ate some nice food. When we were all done swimming, we went to open presents on the shore of the lake. I got $50, some clothes, an i-tunes gift card, and a card that said I had 25 dollars. We also went out to get stuff with our money. I got a Lego set.

Another time we went to a rodeo. It was brutal!!! People got hurt a lot. Only one guy managed to stay on for the whole eight seconds. Before this there was parade, I got lots of candy!!
We would also sleep over at my cousin’s house. One time we shot pigeons, we almost killed them. Another time we slept over we told scary stories. I was so scared!!! We would also drive on their four wheeler. They also had a horse that I rode on once.

We had lots of fun in Minnesota.