Build Them a Home Progress Report #3

Wow, wow, wow!!!

We are only $50 away from reaching our goal!! Thank you to everyone who gave over the past week. The house is really taking shape and the Baloyi family is SO excited!

We stopped by today to bring Amo home after her long stay with us (busy week ahead with Take Action supporters from the US arriving tonight!) and it is just incredible how quickly the house is coming together.

Sheets of zinc going on the roof!

Looking from front entry into the dining room and into the kitchen

A whole lot of love has gone into this home!
In preparation for our busy week ahead, Darin also arranged for an electrician, plumber and window glass cutter/installer to come out and give quotations. We are hoping to keep this process moving ahead quickly, but properly. We have currently spent $6,750, leaving us with just over $3,000 of the total raised. This includes the cost of the windows, but not electric or plumbing as we might need to get additional quotations.

After the electricity is installed, the interior walls need to be plastered and painted. Then it is time to see what fixtures and fittings we can purchase, such as bathroom fixtures, kitchen cabinets, kitchen stove, water heater and tile for the kitchen and bathroom. We will not turn away additional donations that come in after the $50 remaining of our goal. (I am learning to not be afraid to ask, especially as we have seen over the years how generous our tribe is!) The easiest way to donate is through our PayPal account. Just click the donate button at the top right of our blog!


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