Build Them a Home Progress Report

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has already given towards this project! It has been so much fun giving Amo's family updates when we receive more funding. I asked Grace, Amo's aunt, what the mood was like when Darin gave them the total raised after the first week and she said they basically jumped around and screamed like children :) 

We have decided to proceed with the building, even though we have about $2,000 still to raise. The builders were available, Darin found a good deal on bricks, and the family had torn down half of their shack in preparation, which means 4 of them are now sleeping on a bed set up in the living room and Amo has been staying with us! She is now with her mama for the weekend and we have Johanna, her younger auntie here with us instead. 

Water Tank
The only source of water for the household has been a faucet in the yard that provides municipal water - except for when it doesn't. There is usually no water available during the day, so the family leaves the tap open with a bucket to catch water when the water starts flowing sometime in the night. This is obviously not an ideal situation for living. Buying a water tank was something we had planned to do, but realized it would be one of the first items needed as cement can't be mixed without lots of water!

Bricks for the Foundation
Cement mix for the Foundation
Builders making preparations
So far $3,500 has been spent, which covers material and labor for the foundation, the water tank, and the bricks and most of the cement for building the walls of house. This will leave the roof, plumbing, electrical, plastering/painting, and interior furnishings such as kitchen cabinets and counters and bathroom fixtures. 

Foundation in progress
We cannot say thank you enough to all of you who have given or have spread the word about this fundraiser. If you want to give, please remember to use the Donate Button at the top of our blog or you can follow the instructions below to give by check. 
  • Write a check made out to: 1st CRC Edgerton
  • In the memo of the check write: "Take Action House Project"
  • Send to: 1st CRC Edgerton 120 Center Street South Edgerton, MN 56128
  • Send an email to Darin at so that we can keep track of funds as they come in and to give us a record of donations in case any mail goes missing!

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