Thursday, January 11, 2018

Our January so far

Tomorrow our baby girl is starting Grade 7!!!! How is that even possible? Jori and I had plans to get pedicures over the school holidays, and today we finally made that plan a reality.

After our pedicures, we joined up with Tyson and Darin and finished up our back to school shopping. I guess we are kind of a last minute family.

Tonight we watched a couple shows together and played charades. We took turns giving each other phrases to act out. Jori wanted Darin to act out "Ceramic Owl" and let's just say, while Tyson and I figured out owl pretty fast, ceramic was not a word that is easily acted out.

Tyson decided he wanted to sleep in a tent tonight. We don't have a tent, so he rigged this baby up this afternoon. Darin got him all situated tonight and he lasted 30 minutes, which was actually a lot longer than we thought he'd make it! The mosquitoes are terrible right now, but it was the sound of crickets that drove him inside.

Sister Sue is in bed, hopefully falling peacefully asleep. She is a bit nervous for her first day back to school, so we will see how the morning goes. It will be a big change for all of us, ok for ME, to wake up before 7!!

A week from Sunday (the 21st), I will be flying to Kenya to meet Darin's mom and 3 other ladies from the Edgerton area. I am excited, but also a bit nervous. I will be the most experienced traveler of the bunch, but I am used to Darin taking the lead on our adventures. We will be visiting En-gedi  Children's Home outside of Nairobi and also going to the Masai Mara for a safari! We will leave Sunday the 28th and the group will all come to South Africa for just under a week. We will show them what our family does here in South Africa with Take Action Ministry and what life is like for the Fey Family in South Africa. Darin's mom will then be staying an additional 2 weeks!!

Tyson starts school Wednesday the 17th, which is when most of the local schools start up. He is excited about the new school he will be attending, but also a bit nervous. It will be a big change for him after a year at home.

Darin will be busy getting kids to and from their respective schools, doing his work with Take Action, Busetsa, and Business Connect and also handling all things on the home front, including cleaning the house before I arrive home. : )

I find that change and transition continue to be things I really struggle with. I have LOVED having Jori around and spending time with my girl as she is becoming a young lady. I am going to miss her spunk and all the conversations we have had over the last 5 weeks. Tyson going back to school is both very welcome (seriously, we are ready), but also really strange. I have grown used to him being around and I like knowing where he is and that no one is messing with him (my mama bear side is strong with this one!). Going to Kenya is exciting, but anything new kind of makes me feel like throwing up. The new year starting means that our work with Take Action is also re-starting. Making the change back to work and visiting centres and jumping from being really family oriented to having us all spread out with different responsibilities is hard!!

Do you struggle with change? What have you found makes it easier?

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