Saturday, October 28, 2017

Bible Drive

 I try not to do too many "asks" on our family blog, but I did want to share about what Take Action is doing this year for Christmas.

Christmas is the time when we celebrate the Word becoming flesh and dwelling among us. This year, instead of hosting Christmas parties and handing out goodie bags, Take Action has a goal of putting the Word into the hands of all 1,250 children who attend our partner centres by giving them an age appropriate Bible.

The average cost of the different books is R60/$6 for a total goal of R75,000/$7,500. We hope to raise these funds by November 15 so that we can distribute the Bibles before our partner centres close for the December holidays. 

Below are the details for giving in South Africa. 

To give in the US or Internationally, you can donate through the Take Action Pure Charity fundraising page, just making sure you write "Bible Drive" in the notes!

If you are in the US and don't feel comfortable giving your credit card details via the Pure Charity website, you can send a check that will go through our personal bank account. Drop me an email at for more details!

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