Our trip to America-byTyson Fey

Part 1
The first part of our trip was to the Huismans, our beloved friends. I’ve known their daughter, Jenna, my whole life. She is 5 weeks older than me and we have been friends ever since I was born. It took us 30 minutes to get to their house from the airport. The first thing we did was say hi to uncle Jon who was busy working on a neighbor’s roof and couldn’t come to the airport to get us. Then we ate and went to bed. In the morning, we got up and watched a show. And it was pretty much like that the whole time.

They had a pet snake named Leche. He was a milk snake. He ate baby mice that were frozen. It was cool to see him eat the mouse.

Another day we rode bikes to the ice cream place, it was called Ice Cream Alley. They had very good ice cream there!!! I got cookies and cream. We rode home on the path to get to our old house. It was so fun!!

 Some of the days we would do something special; I think the second or third day we watched Beauty and the Beast [the new one]. We also opened presents for our birthdays and I got a fidget spinner, a Lego set, clothes, a ball that bounces on water, and candy. It was so fun opening presents.

 Another time we helped with their roof by picking up the scraps, we got paid for that. We also picked up nails and every nail counted as a cent. We got like 1800 or 1900 nails but uncle Jon rounded it off and we got 21 dollars. I got paid 15 dollars for picking up scraps and 7 dollars for picking up nails.

 We also went to get some groceries at some different grocery stores on different days.

 We went to a bounce place called Airtime where you could jump on trampolines. It was so fun but we only went there for an hour. I was so tired after we were done. There was a rock climbing thing, an obstacle course, a flipping trampoline, a balance beam that you could fight on, and just some regular tramps that you could jump on.

Then on the last day we stayed there we went to a drag race. The cars were so loud!!!!!!!! Then after that we went to the back to look at the different cars. There was one called the black pearl, it had a jet engine. I got to go in a dragster that was owned by an 11 year old!! She drove that one on the track. We didn’t get to see the black pearl because it started to rain, so that meant that the race was over. Then came our last day we took pics with them, then they left to go to the lake. We stayed till Sunday at their house, then left for the Vangilders and Oarabile.

 Part 2

After our trip with the Huismans we met up with the Vangilders in Iowa. We had to wait for them to come because we got there first. Then they came and we said hi and all that stuff.

 We talked, ate and then they opened presents that we made for them. Then the kids went to bed and we told ghost stories. I got scared, but I managed to go to bed.

We also played a lot and had fun while playing. We would play outside and all that.

We then woke up ate and went to the lake that was there. We saw a dead fish, it was so puffed up and stinky from being in the water for so long, and we also went peddle boating.

Then we went home and we made a movie. The movie was about us hunting ghosts, it was so fun. We made it outside, in the basement and in the garage of the house that we stayed in. While we were making the movie, we heard and felt scary stuff, what I’m trying to say is that the house felt haunted.

We watched The Pacifier. Then went to bed.

On one of the days we went to this town called Amana. It was boring but I still had fun. What made it fun was that there was a sample at like every place we went to in that town.

The next morning, we woke up and then went to the park that was there. We went there to see fireworks and a magic show, the show was crappy, the fireworks were loud. It all took place at night. We also ate dairy queen, which was so good!!! Then we went to sleep.

The next day we said good bye and left for Minnesota.

On our way to my grandma and grandpa’s house we stopped to see Oarabile. We only stayed there one night, we stayed at her grandparent’s house.

Seeing her was so fun. I would follow her around on her wheelchair and pretend that I was sitting on it. It was so funny because she was laughing so hard. I had a lot of fun seeing her. I have to say it twice because it was so fun!!!!!!!!

 We then went to their house, and stayed there for an hour or so and then left for my grandparents.


Lydia said…
Thanks for sharing, Tyson! I love the way you write. You not only tell about what happened, but how you felt about things. The way you described things brought smiles to my face. I'm glad we could see you this summer!

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