In his own words: What my mom and dad do, by Tyson Fey

Hello everybody,

My name is Tyson. I am going to tell you about what I do and see when I go out with my mom and dad to centers. First I will tell you a little about myself. I used to go to a school called Bethesda which is not that far away from where we live now. My family and I have moved twice since we moved to South Africa I am 12 turning 13 on June 16. I am doing home-school, I mostly do school on the computer, but sometimes go out with my parents to do stuff with them.

 I think my mom and dad have a very important roll in “Take Action.” My mom goes out and does surveys of the centers. My dad does “Busetsa” stuff like finances. “Busetsa” is a wood working place that is a great place that you can get gifts or other nice things. I have 3 friends that live on the property of “Busetsa,” the property is called “Butterfly.” If you are wondering what that weird word means, it means to take back or renew. My dad also does the Woolies and pick and pay food, which are stores that give us, “Take Action” their waste food. I some times go out with my dad to go out and get that food.

I also sometimes go out with my mom to the centers that she goes out to. Once I bumped my forehead on a latch of a gate when I was out with my mom at one of the centers that she went to. Then one of the leaders patched it up because it was bleeding.

When I go out with my mom I see some cute little kids that always love it when I come. At some of the centers the kids call me “aboetie Tyson,” which means “brother Tyson.” I just have to smile when I hear them say it. I always play with the kids in any way that I can. They always love it.  I think it is interesting, because of how the kids always know what I am doing when I play with them. I explain it to them then they get it!

When I go to the stores with my dad I love it, especially because I am with him. When we get to the stores we have to unload the food into the back of our car. Then we take it back to our distribution centre. After that we go home. The centers then come on certain days and so do the families. But some days we get donations of toys and or movies or clothes. Then after that I and my mom go to sort those donations.

But now we have a driver that goes to get the food, and a lady that sorts the stuff. I and my dad go to get the food when the driver can not or he gets a holiday. As for the lady we do the same for her.

At our distribution centre there are 2 sides; one is for the food the other is for the donations. But we have to move out of both sides because of issues. We have found a good sized house that will suit our every need. It has great security, good sized rooms, a perfect outside and many more things. 


Gram said…
Honest to Pete, Tyson Alan Fey are you in college?? You are a writer par excellance. It was like writing a story of your lives in SA. You describe so well what Dad and Mom do day by day and then a thousand things more. My favorite part was how you get to be with your Dad. I can always see how you admire him. I love it when you two do things together. Anyone who reads this will really see you! You are an amazing twelve year old. Your life is not bound with an electronic in your hand. Keep serving and learning. You are great with little kids. Your Lacrae dancing with your three friends has developed a nice relationship with kids who live near you. Does it sound like I think you are a super kid?? You got it. Gram
Tami Schemper said…
Amazing job telling about your lives in South Africa... I found it very interesting! Tyson- you are such a great writer like your mama and I think it's so awesome that you are learning to serve others! Tami Schemper

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