Thursday, May 26, 2016

Please Pray

So, some of you already know from Facebook and the Dutch underground (if you know about it, you are in it), that Darin is in the hospital. He went in late Sunday night with a severe headache or sudden onset. After a couple scans, it was determined he had some bleeding in/on the brain. He had an angiogram sometime on Monday and they could not find a spot to fix, no aneurysm or burst vessel, just blood. So we are praising God that no surgery is needed at this time.

It is now Thursday afternoon. Darin is waiting to go in for another scan as he started having more pain in his head today and sensitivity to light. I am assuming he is getting the scan now as I can't get through on his phone.

My friends, the waiting is hard. Keeping my mind from the what ifs is hard. So many people are praying, for Darin, for me, for the kids and we thank you. Please don't stop.

Darin will be in hospital until at least Tuesday, so we have a few more days of waiting and wondering and what ifs ahead of us. The brain is a beautifully, complicated gift of God, and dealing with it is also beautifully complicated. We are thankful no surgery is needed, but understandably this leaves us wondering why the bleed occurred in the first place. Darin is already talking about giving up Pepsi Max as maybe his bottle a day addiction has caused some problems :)

All kidding aside, we have a road to walk now that is unknown. We are so thankful for the prayers and well wishes.

Darin is in a good place. It is a teaching hospital and they have equipment and specialists and all the other things that a Western hospital would have. The kids are being well looked after by teachers and other friends from Bethesda as visiting hours coincide with the end of the school day. Nala is being a pain in the butt, eating shoes, puking up grass and other such nonsense, but I am thankful to have a good watchdog! I am doing just fine. I think I am on autopilot and that is OK for now.

My prayer is that this whole thing will be used for God's glory. That all praise will go to Him when there is good news, and that our trust will be in Him in the waiting. No matter what, He is good. I pray that I will be able to speak life and truth to the kids during this time, to be aware enough and awake enough to hear their hearts and speak God's love over them. I want this to be a turning point, something that grows in all of us deeper love for each other and deeper love for God.

Thanks for lifting us up and praying us through.

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Anonymous said...

I am praying!! You are loved.. Keep juggling! Laur

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