Saturday, May 28, 2016

facebook update Saturday

Saturday Early Evening: Today was the Fun Run. Jori had a good time running the 5k. I even managed to get a couple pictures. Will they ever be posted...time will tell! They had some fun activities for the kids as well, so they enjoyed spending their early birthday money.
After being home for about an hour, we headed to the hospital so the kids could see their dad! I think that their expectations and the reality were two totally different things. Tyson said "Dad, you don't look the same". Jori just hugged her daddy's shoulder. Unfortunately, he wasn't feeling well and needed to lay down, so after just a couple minutes, I went back to his room with him (kids can't be in the room because of risk of infection to them, so Darin had to come to the waiting area on the ward). We talked for a bit, him with his eyes closed just to keep the head pain from worsening.
We did talk to one of the nurses as Darin hadn't had any news about the CT scan (oh yes, it finally happened after 9 last night, and I only saw his message this morning). She said the doctor had seen it that morning and if there had been anything serious, he would have told her. The scan was digital and she didn't have the passcode to look at it, or she would have tried helping us more. She was hoping the doctor would be back around tonight (1 doctor on the weekend for 4 wards, emergency, and brain related surgeries) if he wasn't doing a procedure, and she would get more information.
Darin came out once more to say goodbye to the kids. They were ready to leave, feeling antsy and I think a bit off kilter by seeing their big strong dad looking and feeling so tired.
Now we are home. I am exhausted. I need a little break from my kids, but this is when they need me most, so I need to dig deep and trust that God is enough and will provide what I cannot give to my children on my own - peace, rest, a quietness of spirit and a love that never grows tired or weary or needs another cup of coffee.

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