Our House!

It is January 31 today. Tomorrow starts a new month! We moved in on Saturday the 9th, which means we have lived here for 3 weeks and 1day! In many ways, it is crazy to think about how much we have gotten done and how this place is feeling like home after such a short amount of time. In other ways, it feels like there is still a mountain of things that we have left to do, which is true in some ways, but we have a kitchen sink! That is awesome. And a washing machine! Also awesome! We have two outlets in our house. Yes, there are 12 left to go, but 2 outlets is awesome!

We are so thankful that Darin’s mom is here with us right now. She is a worker, man! Seriously, even with a toothache, she just won’t stop. Our whole yard is weeded, the old rickety garden fence is down, 10 windows have window coverings of a length I like thanks to her. 2 chairs have clean seat covers, MADE by her. She even managed to make a gingerbread house with the kids, plays card games most every day, and made fajitas for supper tonight. She is doing this all while putting up with some kind of cruddy living arrangements; no doors on her bedroom or her bathroom, no shower, no hot water. Seriously, a trooper and we are thankful for her in so many, many ways!

Here is a link to many, many pictures of our house. You can see what we started with and what we have done so far. We still hope to paint and eventually tile every room. We want to get a shower for the 2nd bathroom and we will get a hot water heater at some point. Until then, we are thankful that the hot weather keeps the cold water only baths bearable! 

I am sure we will have more to post soon. Life is good. Grandma Karen is here until the 10th of February. This weekend we have plans to go overnight to Bela Bela, the water park, for the night. Grandma and the kids are also hoping to do a game drive this week. We are thankful for the time to be together! 


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