Monday, January 11, 2016

It Is Monday

It is Monday. Just before 3. It is hot, but not the +110 degree weather we had last week. We have had three nights in a row of rain. The world looks different when it is green and the dust is being held to the ground by an earth soaking rain instead of being free to fly around into every corner and crevice.

It is Monday. We have slept at our new house for 2 nights. The first night I hardly slept at all, which really took its toll on me as I hadn’t been sleeping the best over the past several days prior to our move. Our bed was still at the other house, which made sleeping that much more difficult. I started the night with Jori in her queen bed (sidenote: Jori has a bigger room and bigger bed than Tyson, but Jori also will be giving up her room and bed for all visitors.) I thought there would be plenty of room for both of us, but I was wrong. Sleeping with Jori is like sleeping with a tornado. She doesn’t just toss and turn; she spins. She also snores a bit and is a blanket hog. I ended up moving to the unoccupied sofa and finally managed about 3 hours of sleep.

It is Monday. We have been dog owners since Sunday morning. Why add a dog to the stress of moving? Dogs are a security measure and our new pup Nala, being a Rhodesian Ridgeback (you will have to Google a pic for now!) will make a good guard dog for us. Right now though, she just likes to chew- fingers, clothes, cardboard boxes, stones, she doesn’t mind as long as there is something in her mouth. She is a purebred, which was not our plan, but due to a kick from a horse when she was smaller, she was not able to be sold as a “perfect” specimen. I happened to see her listed for sale for R200, which is under $20 and jumped on the offer. That is why we now have a dog and are still trying to unpack and keep said dog out of the house at the same time. Not an easy task as she is skinny enough to squeeze through the burglar bars on the door gates. We are most likely going to increase the crazy and get a second dog to keep Nala company while the kids are at school and we are too busy to play with her.

It is Monday. We had our first Take Action meeting of the year at our new house this morning. It was kind of hectic having it here, but it saved us about 2 hours of travel time, which equals 2 more hours of unpacking and settling. We are looking forward to what God will do through Take Action this year.

It is Monday. The kids go back to school on Wednesday. Grandma Karen arrives late Tuesday night, along with Miss O’s family. We still need to get a door put on the room that Grandma Karen will be using. That might seem like a simple thing, but first we have to figure out which door of the 10+ doors fits into that particular frame. Darin managed to put a door on the bathroom this morning and it was an exercise in frustration! I also need to get the kids school stuff sorted and in their backpacks. At least they each have clean uniforms to start the week!

It is Monday. We have water, but it isn’t hooked up in the kitchen yet. This means we wash dishes in the bathtub. We also do not have a shower, which is no bueno, but we are thankful for a bathtub and water to get clean. We are also thankful that we moved in the summer as we don’t have a geyser yet, which means no hot water! Our power situation currently consists of one large extension cord carrying electricity into the house and then a maze of extension cords bringing electricity into various rooms. Not at all ideal, but it works for now! Tomorrow someone is coming to hook up the kitchen sink and someone else is coming to try and make our power supply a little safer.

It is Monday. We are heading to our old house in a bit to throw in a load of laundry. We are also hoping to pack the last bits and pieces up so that we can be fully living in one house. Miss O is coming for a final sleepover.

It is Monday. We have seen the goodness of the Lord over and over again this weekend. So many people have shown us so much love; providing meals, giving advice about our new dog, giving us furniture to fill in the gaps, and praying us through. Thank you all for everything. Thank you God for seeing us through this Monday!!! 

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