Like Sands through an hourglass...

This is the "Help me" face
Today is Saturday, October 17 (Happy Birthday Sarah!!). The sky is looking cloudy; we’ve finally had some rain the past few days and the extremely hot temperatures have abated. The kids are building "cakes" out of Legos. I have already judged a Star Wars themed cake and a Halloween themed cake with headless Lego guys. Amo is going to her family for the rest of the weekend. We had a rough week with her, yucky diapers and vomiting, but yesterday she kept everything in that we gave her. Thank God. 

Feeling sick
We have had a busy week, but nothing like the whirlwind we had last week. Monday I was at the hospital with Amo to get her meds, see the physio and meet with the dietician. Not really how I prefer to spend my morning, but I am glad that this is usually only a once a month thing. Darin was at the distribution centre for the morning, helping sort and hand out the Woolies food he and Tyson picked up on Sunday night. Tuesday Darin was at a meeting from 9-2 at Joint Aid Management, the organization who makes the JAM porridge we provide to our centres. I was home with Amo, trying to get food in her tummy. Wednesday I went out with Annelien from Take Action to visit one of our centres that recently moved to a new location and is now part of a community centre. This is exciting as it opens a lot of doors for our centre to be a light in the community and we are eager to see what God will do in this community! We also visited a centre that applied to receive assistance through Take Action, took a tour of their grounds, talked to the preschool teacher, and looked in on what the kids were doing in their class. Thursday we were home all morning, taking turns comforting Amo and getting caught up on work stuff. We did have an appointment that afternoon with a new counselor for Tyson, and Amo ended up vomiting all over the tray of her buggy while we were there. Nice. Friday we had another quiet day, working on the computer, doing laundry, and house cleaning! 

A pic of these two, just because
The days are moving along and we are still waiting for an answer to the question: Where are we going to live? We have been going out to look at a few more houses, keeping in contact with possible options that for one reason or another aren’t working out at this time and are asking around for housing options in a few different areas in and around Hammanskraal. Chris has been so patient with our situation, but she also has people arriving soon who will need a place to stay, and so we are doing our best to be out by the end of November. I am finding that it has been easy to say “I trust God to find us a house”, when I have a back-up plan to lean on. It’s easy to trust when you have a place to lay your head at night. Now that November is looming large, I have been feeling some anxiety, which is troubling because, feeling anxious stinks and it is showing me how weak my faith muscles are.
Cuddles with Tyson

We do truly believe that God has a place for us; A place that He has chosen to meet our needs, which may or may not be the same as what we want!  Personally, I love where we are right now because it is peaceful, we see wild animals right outside our fence, we have space and privacy, and we feel safe because of our surroundings. A few of the options we are looking into are not in the Dinokeng Game Reserve, which means no more random giraffe sightings or run-ins with elephants. One of the locations is in Hammanskraal itself, which would mean little privacy and less (perceived) safety. Yet Darin and I both desire to be open to what God wants for us. We want to live where He wants to put us, to be in the path of neighbors He has chosen for us.  We trust that God will open the doors to the right place at the right time. We would love for you to pray with us about our housing and also to ask God to increase our faith during this time of waiting. 


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