Update to our newsletter

Ok, ok, I know I just published a post today, a whole newsletter in fact, so what more could I possibly have to say. First of all, we are not moving…yet. We had a few issues with the owners of the house we were going to rent that made us think stepping way back from that particular housing option was a good idea. We did look at another house today, but the price isn’t right. Darin is going to try to do a little bartering and wheeling and dealing and see what happens, but God only knows. And do you know what; I am actually ok with that! I guess I must be growing up. So, to the people of Edgerton CRC, Evergreen Ministries and everyone who read the newsletter on this here blog, we are still on Plot 94 and still trusting God for the right house for our family. The only real bummer is that I had already started packing. We had already filled the minivan with one load of stuff and I had another 3 loads ready to go. Now instead of unpacking at a new house over the upcoming week of school holiday, I will be unpacking at our current house. At least we managed to purge quite a lot of stuff, which will make the next round of packing that much easier.
For now, we stay where this guy can find us. 

In other news, I just said goodbye to my dad L We had a wonderful time with him while he was here in South Africa. Even though his plans didn’t work out 100%, we got to enjoy some extra time with him, which was fantastic. He taught us how to play farkle (dice game, learn it.), helped around the house, babysat Amo, listened to Darin and I as we sorted through some stuff that was a bit too much for just the two of us, and was just an amazing dad and Papa to us all. Lord willing, we will see him and my mom again in the New Year!

A painting machine
Mama Amo
 We had a really rough night and day with Amo earlier this week. She was so out of sorts and nothing would soothe her. Then, after long hours of moaning and groaning, she snapped out of it and was back to her smiley, happy self. We were glad for the timing as we were heading to the mall for pizza with Papa and we had told Amo’s mom to stop in on her way home from work if she wanted.

Moza and her admirers

As you can see, she did, and Amo was in such a good mood. She loved sitting at the bottom of the slide. It was really interesting to see all of the other kids crowd around to see her. They all sat so nicely. No one asked me any questions, but I said some words in Tswana, something like “these girls are your friends” and she kept making her happy Amo noises and drooling all over my hand and the little girls just kept sitting so nicely, just being by Amo. In a culture where disabilities are often seen as a curse (like a literal curse) or something caused because a family member sinned or an ancestor is unhappy, it was refreshing to sit with Amo and have other children join us.

Tomorrow we start a very busy 4 day whirlwind. Crystal Paine, from Money Saving Mom is here with her family and one of her managers. Crystal was here in January and now is back to share her love of South Africa and the ministry of Take Action with her kids and husband. We are excited to show her all that has been happening since she was last here and are looking forward to some fellowship and fun as well. We will just be very busy. We are happy that Tyson and Jori will be able to participate in some of the centre visits and fun activities with us this time around. 


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