Saturday, November 15, 2014

Weekly Recap

It’s another rainy day, but the sun is coming out now. I am not sure if I should take the chance and do some laundry or if I’ll be stuck laying things all around my house to dry. This isn’t such a bad thing, but in a small house there isn’t a lot of room to hang wet laundry and still have room to sit.

The grass is so lovely and green. Well, the grass plus a mixture of small plants and groundcover that kind of look like grass. It actually reminds me of our yard in Hudsonville-always looking so lush and lovely until you looked closely and realized there was more clover than grass under your feet.

Tyson and Jori are in the home stretch right now before school is done for the year. They both have exams coming up. As a parent, I am not a fan of exams, and I’m pretty sure the students and teachers are also not so thrilled with them. Both of my kids are obsessed with talking about the possibility of failing and repeating their current grade. Darin and I were talking and neither of us remember the thought of failing ever crossing our minds, especially in elementary school, but many of the kids here will fail and be held back, so the whole pass/fail thing is a hot topic. Neither of our kids is in danger of failing, but the mob mentality is at work!

Darin is busy as always. This week he caught a cobra and used a blow torch to help cook our supper. Yep, he is quite the man. We realized too late that our new oven doesn’t have a top element, but thanks to my hubby, our puff pastry still had a crispy top layer.

The cobra he caught was discovered by one of the big boys, who almost stepped on it. Then the stupid thing stuck its head under the door of the main house into the dining room where the mamas and kids were just sitting down to supper. Darin used the snake kit and caught the cobra, which was about a metre long (+/- 3 feet). Then Darin, Tyson and Jori drove it down the road and let it go.
I have been busy making phone calls, trying to find a placement for one of the older children here and following up with another social worker about a child who is now available for long term foster care or an adoptive placement. I am waiting to hear back from someone at the Department of Social Development about having children placed in our (Fey) name. We are hoping this will get sorted out soon as everything here shuts down mid-December for about a month.

I have also been busy building a little brick stoop, which has now turned into a slightly larger than average brick stoop. Darin calls it a pile of bricks, but I am quite impressed with my work. It won’t be a permanent structure as the ground underneath hasn’t been prepared and the bricks aren’t set evenly, but I am just trying to get an idea of what type of stoop/patio would look nice outside of our home and also help keep the dirt from being tracked into the house.

We are hoping to get our car back next week from the garage. It has been out of commission for over 6 weeks, which is about 5 weeks longer than we planned on. Hopefully it will come back better than ever and we won’t have to deal with car issues for a long while.

That’s all the news from here that I can think of on this quiet, cloudy Saturday morning.

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