Thursday, November 20, 2014

SMP- Send Mail Please!

It's that time of year again! The time where some people are putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and writing their Christmas letters, other people are setting up a time for family pictures to be taken and picking out a design for their annual Christmas card, and a few industrious people are doing both! We will be striking a balance somewhere in the middle, typing up a letter, finding a few pictures where we look photogenic (ok, where I look photogenic) and posting it on our blog, although if you already follow this blog you have a pretty good idea of what our year has looked like.

That being said, we would love to hear from you and see your lovely Christmas photos and thanks to the willingness of a man I've never even met, we are going to be able to get some mail from you if you want to send it to us. My friend Mandy is going back to the states over Christmas and her dad is letting us use his PO Box to receive Christmas letters, which she will then deliver to us here in South Africa. This is great news for us because the postal system here is erratic at best and dismal at worst and right now I'm pretty sure there is a postal strike going on, so the chances of us receiving mail sent directly to South Africa is pretty close to 0%.

If you want to send us a letter, please address it to:

Darin and Jonna Fey
c/o Tom Anderson
PO Box 62
Morganville, KS 67468

Please, only send Christmas letters and pictures. No packages!! Mandy is willing to use some of her precious luggage space for us, but if you send anything larger than a letter/card, she will be leaving it with her dad!! The sooner you get it in the mail, the better. Let the mail madness begin!

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