First Impressions

First Diet Coke: not as good as I remembered. In fact, I didn’t even finish the whole can.

First time seeing my best friend: Amazing!!! Just being able to hug each other and talk face to face is such a gift. It does not seem like we haven’t been together for 3 years.

First Little Caesar’s Pizza: YUM!! Bonus: we didn’t get sick from all the grease and cheese and pepperoni goodness.

First Ice Cream: So delish! I am eating as much ice CREAM, meaning it is made with cream and not vegetable fat, as I can.

First Time riding in a car with Darin as the driver: Kind of scary, for all of us. He kept turning into the wrong lane and would swoop back over to the correct side of the road.

First Time at a grocery store: Kind of overwhelming, and really cold! What is up with all the air conditioning? Do these people not want customers to stay and browse the aisles?

First Hamburger: So good. Like really, really good. The onion rings were also so crunchy and tasty and just good.

First Time back at church: Wonderful.  We loved being back at Evergreen, singing, listening to Pastor Larry and catching up with so many friends.

First Time seeing our kids with their best friends: Touched my heart. I love seeing them run through the backyard, ride bikes down the road, sit packed together in the back of the car, hear them giggling and shouting and having a great time.

More to come!


Sarah said…
I've been wondering what you were most excited to try being in the States. I remember being completely overwhelmed at Subway with all the choices and using a dime again.

And yes, driving is scary.

Also I'm impressed that you didn't get sick from the pizza. We had problems after eating at restaurants for about a year after we moved back.

I can't wait to see you next Monday.
Sheri said…
Thought about you all winging your way across the Atlantic and was happy to see this post of your impressions. Enjoyed the birthday pics and seeing DD in his new home. He's changed so much! Take care and enjoy the journey!

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