Saturday, April 26, 2014

Ok, so I do have another post ready to go, but I need our good internet before I can post the pictures that go along with it.

I am so behind in writing about our life. So very, very behind. I feel like I am cheating my kids of memories by not documenting all that has happened. I want to be better about blogging, I say I’ll be better about blogging, but my follow through is lacking. Severely.

Darin is gone this weekend. He is displaying (and hopefully selling) Sawyer water filters. My house has stayed surprisingly clean the past 2 days, which confirms that Darin is the one who leaves the biggest mess around here!

Tyson and Jori have been home more than they’ve been at school, or perhaps it only seems that way. They had a school holiday the first week of April when my parents were here. Then they had off Good Friday and Easter Monday. They have all of next week off due to Freedom Day and Worker’s Day, two national holidays, and then they have next Wednesday off as it is election day. There is also a teacher in-service later this month and three days of early dismissal for conferences. They’ll be in school for 2 weeks in June and then we fly to the states for 6 weeks. Crazy.

Both kids will be celebrating their birthday the first week that we are in Michigan. I cannot believe that Tyson is going to be 10!! I feel old, but not old enough to have a kid who is in double digits. However, lately when I look in the mirror I can see the evidence that I am aging which is sad, but inevitable. I also have an ugly rash on my face. It could be impetigo, but it isn’t spreading anywhere else on me or to any other children. I am just hoping it is gone before we travel as it makes me feel kind of gross and not so pretty.

Winter is coming to South Africa. I’ve started pulling out my sweaters and am wearing jeans more often than not. Although I am not a fan of being colder inside of the house than outside, I have found that I enjoy all the seasons here. They all bring something so unique and special. Different scents in the air, the changing colors of the veldt, a variation of birdsong and more.

Life is good here. Like really, really good. Over and over I am amazed by God’s goodness and faithfulness. Amazed, but not surprised. He has been ever with us and continues to be our hope. I just hope that we will find a way to put into words his goodness and faithfulness so that we can share with friends and family when we are traveling this summer. 

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