Holiday with Pop and Gram

It is Wednesday night. We are down to less than one week with my parents L The time has gone so quickly. We are on a holiday right now. Today we went to Sun City, a huge place with a casino, several hotels, a spa and a water park. Yes, this year instead of Bela Bela, we decided to give the water park at Sun City a try. We had an amazing day, and I am even bringing a little something home with me; a sunburn. Yay for me. You’d think at age 35 I would be old enough to use sunscreen properly, but I missed my legs and portions of my arms. Fun times.

We have had a great few days. Our lodge is pretty nice. Not somewhere we’d stay again, but fine. The kids have made a few little friends here and even tried saving an injured bird. Yesterday we drove around a bit and went to a small game reserve. We got caught in a rainstorm and didn’t see a ton of animals, but it was still nice to see a different landscape. South Africa is truly such a beautiful country. As I already said, we had a fun day at Sun City, sun burn and all. Tyson even went down one of those waterslides that goes straight down – such a brave boy. We unfortunately do not have a picture as there was a camera malfunction. Jori loved the wave pool and they both went around the lazy river a few times. This was the laziest lazy river I have ever seen. There were a few times that we pretty much stopped moving.

Now it is almost 7. The old folks have already fallen asleep several times on the couch, Tyson is reading and Jori wants to play cards. Tomorrow we are heading back home. We may or may not stop somewhere along the way, it will probably depend on how well we sleep and how well the car ride is going.

I did post pictures from February and March. You can see them here.


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