Wuh-wuh-wuh, what’s happening Dude??

If you are at all familiar with the Leapfrog phonic’s DVD, you can thank me later for putting the alphabet song in your head. The volunteers are working hard to help Thato learn her letters and their sounds, so this DVD is frequently played and parts of the song repeated by all of the kids up at the main house. When Thato said “The T says Tuh, for Thato and Tyson” without any prompting, it made having this song in my head totally worth it!

The Warrior Race is coming up in less than 2 weeks. Sadly, my training has taken a nose dive. I was just starting to feel all athletic and strong and then I realized I was walking around like a robot, a robot with very sore knees and shins. I have been resting and icing, but it appears that allowing my muscles to remain dormant for so long is making my recovery time move at a snail’s pace, which is about how fast I’ll be running in the Warrior Race! Ha. We really do covet your prayers as we run this race, that we will spread the word about Tshepo ya Bana, raise money, and stay injury free!

We have become a 2 pet family! Yes, it is true. We went from zero pets to 2 in the span of less than 2 months. You all know about Perry the not-so-loveable Parakeet (we are hoping Papa John will break him of his biting habit), but now we have welcomed Harvey Finkelstein into our family. Harvey is a chameleon that Tyson received from a friend at school. He is small, climbs fast, and loves flies. On the whole, our family is way more impressed with Harvey than with Perry. What’s not to love about a creature with little puppet hands who catches bugs by unfurling his tongue? Darin and I sit and watch him walk, stalk bugs and lick water off of leaves long after our kids in bed. We have an exciting night life!

My parents arrive next Wednesday!!! We are so eager for them to arrive. We are hoping to go on a holiday with them, but haven’t decided on where we will go. Swaziland, St. Lucia, and Botswana are a few of our options. Whatever we do, we know we’ll have fun.

Just over 2 months after bringing my parents to the airport, we’ll be heading there ourselves. Yes, if you haven’t heard we are coming to the states for a 6 week tour of awesomeness! We will be arriving in Michigan June 14, heading to Minnesota around the 25th, and ending up in Oregon a couple weeks later. We will be seeing lots of family and friends along the way and making tons of memories to carry back with us to South Africa.

We have a lot to look forward to and are so thankful for all of the opportunities we have to do fun things with friends and family. 


pjvs said…
Go Harvey go! Will Perry every learn not to bite? Will Jonna get her muscle tone back in time? Stay tune for the next exciting saga from TYB! Oh, and don't forget to support those racing warriors. JVS

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