Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Back to School

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new school year. Tyson and Jori have already attended Jabulane for a year and a half, Tyson completing the second half of Grade 2 and all of Grade 3 and Jori completing the second half of Grade 1 and all of Grade 2. At the end of last year we talked with Tyson’s teacher and the principal and decided to move him on to Grade 5, so that is where he will be starting tomorrow. He is really excited about heading back to school and is especially looking forward to Science and Afrikaans. Jori will be starting Grade 3 and is a bit nervous, but she is excited that she gets to go to Assembly this year.

This year when I was shopping for uniforms and school supplies I felt like I kind of got it. I now know what koki pens and Flip Files are, and I also know the difference between Feint and Margin and Irish and Margin notebooks. I will be honest, there are parts of the education system that are still strange to me and will probably always seem not quite right, but we know that our kids are getting a good education and they are being taught by people who love the Lord, which we are very thankful for.

Not only will Tyson and Jori be at Bethesda, but Thato, a little girl who will be staying with us at Tshepo ya Bana here for at least a year, will also be attending.  She will be in Grade 2.  She is SO very excited about going to school with Tyson and Jori. It was fun to see her try on her uniform and look through all of her school supplies. We are thankful for the donors who have already stepped up to pay her registration fees and 1st month of tuition and would welcome any additional support for the remainder of the year. As with all things here, we are trusting God to provide and are confident He will make a way.

I will get pictures up soon (really, I will) but I wanted to write this and post it now while I had a few minutes to sit and write. The rest of the week is bound to fill up with school stuff, a volunteer arriving and a volunteer leaving as well as visits to social workers and all the other things that need to happen on a day to day basis.

Here’s to a wonderful school year for all!

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