It is Thursday morning. Tomorrow is the beginning of the school holiday. Some of the older boys don’t have school at all, and the rest are out at noon. I’m pretty sure they all go back on October 1st, but will have to figure that out for certain at some point.

On Sunday, a very special man will be turning 36, which I used to think was OLD, but now that I am not so far behind I think it is still pretty young. We have plans to go to church and then out to lunch with friends to celebrate. There will also be some swapping of kids taking place, so Tyson and Jori will either be sleeping over or having a friend sleep over on Sunday night.

It is officially hot here. Winter is over and the winter stuff has been packed away. The little ones are now heading out for their morning walk at 8 instead of 9 to try and beat the heat. I’m thinking they’d all have to be up and out of the house before 5 to really beat the heat, but we do what we can.

 I can hear Amo talking to Mama Mina in the playroom. She is getting so much more vocal and loud, which is awesome, but did I mention that it’s also loud?? Awesomely so, but still, loud.

Today is Kamo’s birthday! He is 4. He’s been waiting for it to be his birthday since June, a month when we had 7 or 8 birthdays at Tshepo ya Bana. Last night he prayed “Thank you that tomorrow I will be 4 and will go to school.” That is still a few months away, but we are glad he is eager to go.

Yesterday morning I whacked my little toe against a step stool. I am amazed by how much pain can be caused by something as tiny as a pinkie toe. Today the toe is feeling much better. My foot is looking a bit ugly and bruised and my back is sore from limping around on my foot yesterday, but such is life.

We are all doing well. Being stretched daily, which can be painful, but it is also good. We are watching our kids be stretched as well by different experiences. This is even more painful than our own stretching, but we are trusting God that He is at work and making something good out of the hurt and discomfort.

So, I am just not good at ending blogs. My husband agrees. The end. 


Anonymous said…
yep.. stretching is hard, but we can be ever so thankful we know who is on the other end of the rubberband stretching us.. some people are left to their own devices, but we know who is holding onto us... love you dearly and happy coming birthday to a young bro in law.. yep.. this from your almost 41 year old sister.. xox laure
Anonymous said…
I just found this blog today. I also am a Fey. I was curious about anyone moving to South Africa but then America is going down fast. And the radiation from Fukushima is getting worse in the northern Hemisphere.

My niece who is 20 already had to have a cancer breast operation. The Navajo uranium miners who smoked died really early because cancer and radiation works synergistically together to kill you.

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