Tyson and Jori's room

Here are some more pictures of Tyson and Jori's room:

Looking down the hallway from our bedroom. Their door is the first on the right. 

Jori's space. She loves hanging things on the wall and cramming as many treasures on her shelf as possible!

Tyson's bed and their shared desk. Their room is rarely this clean, but they do a good job of keeping it picked up.

Their closets and cupboards, often crammed to overflowing until I take the time to sort through them and straighten them up.

So far the kids are doing pretty good with sharing a room. They would both love to have their own space, but we are really proud with how well they play together and we love listening to them talking at bedtime, as long as they stop after 20 minutes : )


Anonymous said…
Tyson and Jori have always been such sports in sharing a bedroom or playing together, etc. We're proud of you two and love seeing the pics of your room! Keep up the great job! Love you two!!

Grandma Karen

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