Saturday, May 4, 2013 our room!

Over the last couple weeks, THREE of my college friends have made offers on new homes. I’ve been looking at pictures of beautiful homes and realized I haven’t even shown where we have been living for the past 6 months.

I thought I would start with the room we spend the most time in, our bedroom. As you will see from the pictures, this room is not only a place for us to sleep but also our office, living room, library and more. 
The view from the hallway door
A couple feet into the room, looking at our closet/cupboards. This is where we stash our clothes, shoes, towels, extra sheets and blankets, backpacks, birthday presents and a random assortment of odds and ends. 
Standing in front of the closets, looking at our entertainment area
Next to the entertainment area, looking back towards the bathroom (notice the lack of privacy!) All the stuff in the corner is the kids' school stuff, sunscreen, bug spray, hats and gloves and the black tote is full of games. 
Next to the entertainment area, facing toward the cupboards-my "office" and the kids' homework/craft area.

Reading corner

Standing in front of kids' desk, looking at our bed (the curtain behind the bed covers the sliding door that leads to the storage room, aka the "jacuzzi" room for those who have spent time at TYB).

Darin's office all neat and tidy thanks to his lovely wife.
So, that is our room. We do spend time in other parts of the house and Tyson and Jori share a room where they keep all their stuff, but this is where we spend most of our time. I'll work on getting pictures of the rest of the house to give you a better idea of where we spend our days!

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Jenny Z said...

I love the reading corner you have - Very cute! Would love to see pics of the outside of your place too!

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