Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Warrior Race 2013

May 12, 2013 - a day that might very well live in infamy. In under 3 weeks time, Darin, Auntie Nona, Auntie Vera, Kagiso and Tom will be taking part in a Warrior Race. Here is a description from the website that explains a bit of what these men and women will be subjecting themselves to:

The Warrior Rookie race consists of a 6.5km(4mi) course, with 15 adrenaline pumping obstacles.  On average, participants will encounter an obstacle every 500m.  The Rookie race is all about having fun, but make no mistake, participants will be challenged and team work will be the order of the day.  Participants will be expected to climb over some larger than life obstacles, crawl in and climb over mountains of mud, slide down steep slopes at lightning speed, jump off high…very high platforms into water and heaps more!

Some of the obstacles Rookie Warriors will encounter:
The “Aaaaa”valanche
“T-t-t-t”ower of Rage
Touch of Mud
Arctic Mud
Spider Web
and many more…

Why would these 5, relatively sensible (and in the case of my husband, relatively sedentary) people want to take part in something so physical, so muddy, so exhausting?

Here are a few reasons:

Not to mention the other reasons that have already passed through these doors and the reasons that will come through in the future. These 5 individuals will be taking part in the Warrior Race to benefit the children of Tshepo ya Bana. There are multiple maintenance and building projects that we hope to accomplish in the next year that require funds that we don’t currently have. To do this, they need YOU. If you are reading this on our blog site, you will notice a button on the right that says “Donate”. Please click on this button and show your support for Darin, Nona, Vera, Kagiso and Tom. If you are reading this post via email or through another source, please head on over to our blog( and donate!  No donation is too small!

Thank you in advance for your help.

If you are not comfortable donating through Paypal, please contact us at to set up alternate arrangements.

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Anonymous said...

AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!! What a great reason to get all muddied up for!! The only draw back is that we can't be there to see it!! :>) I would LOVE to be on the sidelines cheering all of you on! Take lots of videos - Go Team, Tshepo Ya Bana!!!!
Thanks for sharing and praying that the donations will be flowing in!

Love you all!
Mom Fey

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