Friday, March 1, 2013

Our Week

My parents have been here for just under a week. We have already had so much fun with them. We’ve been on a game drive, out for pizza, Tyson and Jori have played Skip-bo with Papa and Gram at night, Darin and I have been over for coffee and cookies (mainly for cookies) and so much more. My dad has been keeping busy in the garden and both of my parents have been helping out with the little ones we look after. It has really been a great week. I just won’t let myself think too hard on the fact that one week is almost down, which leaves only 5 to go : (

Our friends the Weeda’s have been staying across the road (our old house) since Saturday. They are in country to pick up their beautiful daughter and were in Durban for almost 5 weeks. We’re glad they can be on our side now. We have plans to head out to Baobab next week! Good food, good friends, good fun.

We still have a lot of sickness over here. Our youngest, Buhle, spent one day throwing up all of her meals and has also been having diarrhea for 5 days. The others have some form of a cold, either just starting or on its way out. There are a lot of tissues being used and we hear a lot of coughing and sneezing. I’m pretty good at identifying which child is coughing at night just by the sound they make. It’s just one of my many talents. Ha ha. We did have to take Amo to the hospital on Tuesday night. By we, I mean Darin. He’s the man. He said she was so happy while she was there and was laughing at people and giggling during her x-ray, and all the while her breathing was getting worse. Poor baby. It’s Thursday now and although yesterday was a good day, today has been full of crying and coughing and misery. She’s thrown up her meds 3 times and if she happens to fall asleep, I don’t dare touch her, even when she’s decided to doze on the changing table. So please pray that we can all get back to good health and that no one else gets sick!

All three aunties had the day off today. I will admit that after the second round of being up with Amo last night I told Darin that I must have been crazy to suggest they all go out together : ) Truly, I’m so glad they can get out together and I hope they are having a wonderful day away. These women work HARD and they are just so good with all of the kids and good to us as well. We are so thankful for each of them and pray that God continues to bless us with such wonderful volunteers!

I’ve been having some up and down kind of weeks, which is why the blog was pretty quiet. I am back on my happy pills and having my parents here is also very relaxing for me. There is just a lot going on, which is also true for so many of you. It’s easy for me to fall into self pity and feel like my life is so much more difficult since we’re out here, but really I don’t know too many people who have an easy life. Please continue to pray for us as it is so easy to get overwhelmed by the big and not so big things that happen each day.


Hans en Gerrie said...

thanks for sharing

Hans en Gerrie

Anonymous said...

loving you today and everyday!!!glad to see you blogging again... one day at a time... happy birthday to mom... we are missing them so enjoy.. xox laur

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love you! Glad you are finding a happy place and having visitors! Praying for you as you anticipate life going back to "normal."

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