Prayers Please

It is Sunday night, just after 9. We had a fantastic day, meeting with different friends from various organizations all dedicated to the care of orphaned and vulnerable children. We talked a lot, we ate a lot and we prayed hard. So, most of our day was great. Unfortunately, Darin started feeling not quite right when most of our guests had left, so he crashed on our bed. Then, at about 6, Jori threw up. A lot. Then Darin threw up. Jori fell asleep and threw up again at around 8:30, but I've lost track of how many times Darin has been sick. So, we are praying that NO ONE else gets sick and would appreciate your prayers for that as well. 

Could you also please pray for Mama Mina, who has worked here at Tshepo ya Bana for many, many years. Her husband, Jack, passed away today after many years of suffering from a stroke. 

Thank you for standing in the gap for all of us here!


Anonymous said…
Good times...let the fun begin! Carson has been sick, gage Sawyer, mom dad, kinley,kristi and hoping for no more! That is a huge bummer! Love u...stay healthy!
Anonymous said…
Will pray for you all. Can you send my deepest sympathy to mama mina because i dont have any contact details from her. Love you all. Arike

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