Feeling Better!

Thank you for praying! Right now I am watching my sweet girl play baseball on the Wii. She is trying to beat the high score and get the gold medal. I would have sent her to school as I think the puking was situational (heat, lots of juice and ice cream) and not viral, but she didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night, so she's home for the day. Darin was up on and off until 4 throwing up and just looking and sounding wretched, but this morning he took some Tylenol and drank some Mountain Dew and headed off to Pretoria to bring Fetsie to school. All that to say, I think the puke fest is over!

I am also feeling a lot better, physically and emotionally. I am attributing it all to the power of prayer. My cold is on it's way out, which helps a great deal, but the other stuff is still there, it just isn't pressing in on me quite so hard. I know that is due to God's grace and His loving kindness, but I've heard from many of you who are lifting me up in prayer and I thank you for that.

Happy Monday to you all!


Anonymous said…
and happy tuesday to you....we re on the mend here too...sickness is not fun...life just keeps coming at you...put on the belt of truth daily and the shield of faith!! love u so...xxxoo me

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