Friday, January 25, 2013

Random News of the Week

It is Thursday night, just after 8. Darin is on his way to Pretoria to pick up a new auntie, which will bring our total to three volunteers. We are really looking forward to the extra set of hands and hoping that we can make a bit more time for our smaller family unit during the week.

Speaking of our smaller family unit, we are all doing well. Darin has been really busy with filter stuff lately. I know I refer to it as “stuff”, but I’m not trying to downplay what he is doing. He just has so much going on that calling it “stuff” is just easier. All that to say that Darin is one busy guy. I think he thrives on so much activity, but personally, I prefer the weeks when he is more available for me and the (many) kids. Tyson and Jori seem to be finding their stride at school. They’ve been managing to get most of their homework finished at school before Darin picks them up, which helps all of us to have a better afternoon/evening. They are having a hard time settling down to sleep at night and that leads to a few more crabby moments in the morning and afternoon, so hopefully we can sort out what the problem is soon. I’m getting my cleaning mojo back again and have been tackling corners of our bedroom and different closets in the house. I just like to know that there is a place for everything and everything in its place. I think it has to do with wanting to feel totally in control of at least one area of my life…

After a few cooler, overcast days, the hot weather has come back. The sun here is just so intense. I got sunburned after standing outside and chatting to Chris for a few minutes in the garden. We’ve had the kiddie pools out for the little ones and they have a grand time splashing each other with water. Miss O is especially fond of sitting in the pool and throws quite a fit when it’s time to take her out. Poor girl. Tonight one of our little guys called Jori a “pee wee”, which is what they call their privates. Um, no. Kids are kids no matter what country you are in! Amo kept us awake throughout the night last night. It was as unpleasant as it sounds. We finally took her in our bed around 5 so she wouldn’t wake up the rest of the house with her screaming. We are hoping for a better night tonight for all of us.

I’ve been trying to change up our supper time menu per my husband’s request. I’ve been told I can’t make spaghetti bolognaise, tuna casserole or ham spaghetti bake any time in the near future. We were eating those meals a couple times a month, so taking them out of the rotation has left quite a few gaps. I’m trying to cook lighter and steer clear of casseroles for a while.

Overall, things are going well. There are days, sometimes a small string of days where I find myself thinking “If I could return to my old life, I would do it in a heartbeat”, but most days I feel certain that this is where we are meant to be and that God has been at work and is continuing to work in our lives and in the lives of those around us. For the time being, this is our new normal and while there are some parts of it that are wildly different from our old life, we find ourselves facing the same challenges as our friends and family. Trying to balance work and family, teaching our children what is right, being open to what God asks us to do each day, telling children that we don’t call each other “pee wee’s”, you know, as you do.

Thanks for sharing in what we do and praying for us as we do it!

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Anonymous said...

you make me smile girl!! hard to switch up the diet huh... my hubby keeps requesting taco salad, need to get rolling on that... i made chili tonight.. weight watchers recipe and it was outstanding if i do say so my self, unfortunatley i am probably the only one that feels that way.. even tho i pureed up some of the tomatoes and beans.. go me go.. so glad mom and dad are coming your way... you will be blessed... i love you.. xox me wonder what would happen if the kids start calling eachother boner or bone jr.??

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