Friday, October 19, 2012

O's Therapy

Yesterday we took Miss O to therapy. We hadn’t been in a few weeks due to school holidays and some scheduling issues, but we finally made it! This was the first time that O didn’t cry during her therapy session. Miss Bridget had a lot of new things for O to try and there was NO tummy time today, which definitely helped keep a smile on our girl’s face.

Miss Bridget started off by having O go from standing to sitting and she was really impressed with how much stronger O seemed. O was able to get up from sitting on a little platform with some support from Miss Bridget, but she really used her legs and tummy and did the hard work herself.

O also got to play with shaving cream. She seemed to really enjoy feeling the texture of the cream and the little beads Miss Bridget added and her clenched fists relaxed a lot as she moved them through the foamy mess. She sat on her knees and raised herself up a bit to reach for some animal cutouts that were in the foam.

We were really excited to see that the standing frame had been returned to Miss Bridget so that we could use it for O. It looks a bit like a medieval torture device, but O was really excited to be standing upright. Miss Bridget showed us how to get her body placed in the right way; feet flat, butt pushed in, body straight.

Taken at our house. Don't mind the mess.
While O was standing, Miss Bridget brought out a cool homemade toy that she uses to encourage kids to push/give pressure with their hands. This is something we need to work on and Darin is pretty sure he can rig up a similar contraption. O loved seeing the helicopter blades whirring around and it was exciting to see the light come on when she realized that she was controlling the blades by pushing on the green box.

Yesterday’s appointment  was a real encouragement for Darin and I. Miss Bridget pointed out a lot of changes that she noticed in O’s body, including how much more she is using her trunk for support.  We are with O every day now and at times it seems like she isn’t learning and that her body isn’t responding to the exercises we do with her, so it was just great to hear such positive feedback. We hope and pray that O will continue to progress and regain the mobility and abilities that she lost a year ago. 


Sheri said...

That is so very encouraging for O. I am very happy to hear her therapy went so well. You and your family are her angels, and it's wonderful you have taken her into your home. She's is getting that one on one attention she will need to improve. God bless you Fey family!

Anonymous said...

You guys are giving her such a great chance that she she would not have had otherwise - so excited for you to see improvement and changes! I know you are even more blessed than she is by what you are doing! Love you!

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