Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Big Kid Stuff

Tyson is really into Ben 10, a US cartoon that is very popular out here. He has even made up a song that he usually sings in the shower, complete with motions. I often find this song running through my head, so I thought I’d share it with you all “It’s Ben Ten, in the house here. Singing Whoa-oh-oh, singing ma-ma-ma” and repeat.

Jori informed me that they call periods “fool stops” in her class. I said “You mean full stop”, but she insisted it was a “fool stop”. I finally convinced her that her teacher and classmates were saying “full” and it only sounded like “fool”.

During dinner a few nights ago, both kids got up to show us how drunk people walk. We asked them how they had gathered this information and they said they learned it at school, during Tswana lessons. Neither of them was quite sure why their teacher had been walking like a drunk person, but as you probably figured out from the “fool stop/full stop” debate, a lot of stuff is lost in translation for our kids.

We have been having a lot of rain lately. A lot. It is much needed and good for the country, but frankly, I’m a little sick of it all. Our kids, however, had a wonderful time getting down and dirty in a big puddle on our driveway. I was happy to let them play until I realized it had started lightning and then I called their party to a halt. Even after we told them they could be fried by lightning, they still didn’t want to come in. We held firm out of love.

Tyson has two loose front teeth. He lost both of the bottom middle teeth, but getting him to pull those out was a battle. Now, we are preparing for a major war as the new top middle teeth are coming in, pushing his front teeth out and causing them to cross each other. He does not seem bothered by his new, goofy grin, but the farther out his teeth come, the more inclined I am to pin him down and have Darin pry them out.

During our family prayer time tonight Jori thanked God for our house. She then continued “and thank you God that James is letting us stay in his house (sorry, Juliet, but both kids call this James’ house) and actually God, James isn’t letting us stay here, but you told him ‘Let the Fey family stay in your house’ and James said ‘Yes God’, so thank you for that.”

We are so blessed by these two kids. They definitely keep us on our toes and make us realize daily what an enormous task God has given to us as parents. There are many days that we don’t feel up to the challenge and really miss our support system back in Michigan, but we know that there are many people praying for us. So thanks, and please don’t stop!

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