Thank you for Praying!

A huge thank you to everyone who has been praying for our family this week, especially our dear Tyson. On Monday, Darin and I met with Tyson's teacher and that meeting has given us a lot of peace about many things we were feeling confused and frustrated about. We know there are still going to be times when we may not understand why things are done a certain way or times when we disagree with how things are handled, but we will continue to take things one day at a time and I will try to not jump right into the deep pool of bitterness that I often find myself in, and will instead try to walk with my dear husband who remains calm until he has heard both sides of the story : ) 

The third week of school has been much better than the first two. Tyson was still saying his stomach hurt on Monday morning, but after we met with his teacher and were able to explain a few things to Tyson, he has not complained of an upset stomach again! Tyson's teacher made a plan to have the kids in his class speak more English on their breaks, and that has eased a lot of his loneliness. Yesterday afternoon, he did tell me that he had been singing a "lonely song" that he made up (doesn't that make your heart hurt???) during recess, but in the same breath he told me that he had been playing with one of the boys in his class earlier during the break. I talked with him about focusing on the good things and not the sad things. I want to be sensitive to his hurts, but I also want to help him see that things are getting better. 

I don't know why I am still amazed by the power of prayer, but I am. I often use prayer as a last resort instead of seeing it as the powerful weapon that it is. We can definitely tell that many people have been praying for us this week and we are thankful that God answers prayers, even when we wait to turn to Him until we are feeling at the end of our rope! He is so patient and faithful. even when we are not. 


Jo Rome said…
Yay for answered prayer, I will keep lifting him up!!
Anonymous said…
Praise the Lord for answered prayers for dear Tyson! God is good!!

Love from Grandma K

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