Fast Facts from Jori (and other kid related stuff)

Here are some recent “facts” that Jori has shared with us:

Did you know that if you dip a banana in wine it won’t be banana color anymore? It will be wine color. Me: What’s wine? Jori: You know, it’s like blood, but it’s bad for you. Some people drink it.

Did you know that when baby elephants go “aroo, aroo” they aren’t crying for their moms? They are just talking.

Did you know that teddy bears love honey?

Here are some other little Jori tidbits:

We recently picked up some food for a program that was taking place in the community. Jori’s response to our giving; “I’m happy we’re helping them out, buuuuut that just wastes our money!” We explained that helping others isn’t a waste and that we were able to help because we didn’t get as many groceries for ourselves. Her response; “you want us to die?”

The past couple nights, we’ve been praying as a family before bedtime. Last night when Darin tucked Jori in, she told him that she wanted to pray for him. So she asked him what he was having a hard time with. Darin said she could pray about the water filters. That wasn’t enough information for Jori, so she asked him what filter stuff he was working hard at. We could hear her praying out loud for her daddy and his partners “Carel and Blessing”.

Tonight before we prayed, the kids were singing songs from school, including “Our God is an Awesome God”, “Father I Adore You” and then the mysterious “Cost yer bellons”. We weren’t sure if this last song was in Tswana, Afrikaans or what, but we had no idea what a “bellons” was. After listening to them sing it a few times, we finally realized they were supposed to be singing “Cast your burdens”, but the heavy African accents of their classmates has led both of our kids to sing “cost yer bellons” for the past 3 weeks. They were both really skeptical that the words were indeed “Cast your burdens”, but they finally accepted that we were right.

Tyson made it SIX days in a row without moving his peg. He was so proud of himself and we are so proud of him too. We try not to make that the main focus of his day, but after moving his peg almost every day for the first few weeks of school, it’s quite an accomplishment for him. He did end up moving his peg yesterday, but he told us "I just let it go. Let it go". We are glad he is learning that moving a peg isn't the end of the world! 


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