Want to play a game?

What’s wrong with this picture?

First of all, there are so many things right with this picture, so let’s focus on that first, shall we?

Can you see three children in a bed without any tears? A sister allowing her brother to sit on her bed amidst all her precious, princess-y stuff is a beautiful sight for this mother to behold.

Can you see the little lovey in the middle of our two blondies? We kind of love this little girl and being able to spend time with her is always A-okay in our book.

Can you see the sun shining outside the window? Yes, we have been enjoying this past week of non-wintery weather. I’m even sleeping without any socks on, which means it is warm out indeed!

Can you see two kids learning to be more patient? It’s kind of hard to see it, but our little visitor is not able to move and groove much on her own, so our kids, who love to run and jump and thrive in chaos had many opportunities to sit quietly and hand toys to their friend and then watch as she stuck them in her mouth.

So, as I said, there are a lot of things that are right, but did you see what’s wrong? If not, look at the only boy in the picture. Now look at the top of his head. Do you see what we saw this morning after church? Why yes, he does have a patch of hair missing from the top of his head, and yes, he is starting school one week from tomorrow. How does something like this happen, you might ask. Well, we were asking ourselves the same thing when Tyson came out of his church school class and we noticed his little bald patch, but then he showed us the craft that they had made, and right in the bottom corner was a wad of his hair under a piece of tape.

He had been instructed to cut a bit of hair off for this nice little project, and cut he did! I told him that if he is ever again instructed to cut his own hair for any reason, he must tell the adult in charge that his mom has forbidden him to do so. His dear old dad will be giving him a buzz cut before school starts on Monday, so all will be well again.

Thanks for playing along!


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