Prayers Please!

Tomorrow Tyson and Jori start their third week of school. As we expected, this transition from home school to "real" school has not been without its difficulties. We are all adjusting to a school that is a mix of cultures that are unfamiliar to us. Tyson's teacher is Afrikaans, nice, but very strict. Jori's teacher is black, very nice, and not strict at all. It is difficult to not compare the school and some of its policies to the school that Tyson attended in Hudsonville. We are more familiar and comfortable with the American school system, which only makes sense, so it might take us a while to feel comfortable with the school situation we now find ourselves in. Please pray that we will be patient and understanding with this new system we are in and that Darin and I would have wisdom to know when an issue needs to be confronted and when we need to just sit back and relax.

More urgently, please pray for our sweet Tyson. We have a very sad 8 year old boy. I talked with Tyson tonight and asked who he plays with during recess. "No one" is what he said. Can I just tell you that as a mom, that breaks my heart. I asked him to tell me the names of the friendliest boys in his class. He rattled off 3 or 4, but then he said they are all playing soccer during recess, which isn't a sport that he has much experience with. He also said that most of the kids speak Tswana during their break, which is totally understandable, but that makes it especially difficult for a non-Tswana speaking boy to fit in.

So, can you all please pray for Tyson? Can you pray that God would provide a special friend for him at school? When I tucked him in, we sang the song "I am a friend of God", which is a true blessing, but for an 8 year old
boy, knowing God is your friend doesn't take away the lonely feelings.

Thanks for praying for us!


Sarah said…
Just said a prayer for all of you and I'll continue to pray as you come to mind.
Anonymous said…
Dear friend... things with kids not having friends to play with or feeling left out just breaks my heart - praying for you all and for a special friend for Tyson!
liz said…
Keeping tyson in my prayers! ( and jori too) I hope God places a special friend in his life soon!
Anonymous said…
That just breaks my heart too. Praying for Tyson and Jori and their parents too :) Jen E.
Anonymous said…
Been there done that! But oh, how it hurts ...I've said more verses and prayed more prayers for kiddos in school! Be thankful. And count the things you are thankful for every night with the kids. Just being thankful for eachother and new shoes is enough sometimes ..loving u all....Laurie

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