Monday, July 2, 2012


We are back out in the bush again after a week in Pretoria. It was a wonderful week, for sure. The kids went to Holiday Club at our church and had an absolute blast. They were gone from 8-1 for 5 days, which is the longest amount of time we've spent apart in over a year! We enjoyed the abundance of internet data and cable TV. Tyson and Jori spent a lot of time outside, chasing rabbits and playing at the park. It has been really nice out the past few days (mid 70's) and we are all enjoying the warmer weather.

We left the house we were staying at a little before 3. On our way back to Hammanskraal we made a stop at a salon that my friend Annie told me about. Jori and I both got our hair cut for under $20 total, and can I just tell you that sitting in a salon and having my hair washed was such a treat! It was the first time in over a year that I've had a "real" haircut. Jori is looking so cute and I received some helpful tips from the stylist to try and combat her super dry, frizzy hair. Yippee!

We drove into town a little after 5 and both of our kids cheered, which made my heart glad. I know they loved watching cartoons and being able to walk around in a neighborhood, but Hammanskraal has become their home and I love that! We stopped at Jubilee Mall for supper. Tyson has been begging to go to Fish and Chips for a few months, so he and I split an order of Hake and chips and Darin and Jori had sandwiches from Chicken Licken.

We finally pulled up to our gate at 6. As soon as we walked in I took a deep breath and it smelled like home. I remember walking into our house on Elm Avenue in Hudsonville after being away for a week and I always loved opening the door and breathing in the scent of home. I feel so blessed that I can now feel that same way living out here.

We are back and we have lots of news, which I promise to share soon. Right now, though, I am heading to bed with a good book and my hot water bottle. It is good to be home!


Anonymous said...

That was very mean of you to leave us hanging like that! not cool!! :) said...

East West-Home is best. Home is where your heart is. A house is a house but HOME is where love is. I am so happy you feel at home in that beautiful house you have been blessed to live in. Good people make that possible and thank God for them. Do we ever ever thank God enough for Who He Is and what He does?? We are all waiting for more of your great blogs. Mom

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