Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kids' reports

We headed back to school this week. On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we spent our class time working on reports about when Grandma Karen and Israel were here in South Africa. The kids both had a lot of fun talking about all the things we did and the memories we made. 

Enjoy their take on things!

Me and my Grandma and Israel by Tyson

We went to the Rhino and Lion park. We saw a marabou stork which I called an ugly dork. Israel pretended to be an ugly dork. We saw pigmy hippos. They had very sharp teeth. There was a reptile park. We got to pet baby lions. We played with them too.

                We also came back to the Big Swing my buddy signed me in for the zipline. I liked going on it again. My uncle got to go on he loved it. My sister Jori got to go on to she also loved it. My grandma did not want to go on but I asked her!

                On the last night she was here we had a sleepover. First we watched a movie and had candy with it. The candy's names were snakes alive, smarties chocolate ones, and sour enerjelly babies, popcorn, Mirinda pop. My parents had to stay in their room. WE stayed up late. They played games without me cause I felt sick but after a while I felt better then we told ghost stories. Then we told funny stories. Then when we woke up early my grandma cuddled with us.

                Me and my uncle plated with Legos and made Robots out of them. It was very fun. We named some of them. Their names were Beetlebot which Israel created. He thought of a name for one of mine Caterpillar.

                Me and my uncle and my dad went to Amos' shop but the games didn't work cause the power went off so insted we bought a sweetie with our 50 cents that's how much the games cost. The 2nd time we came the games worked cause the power wasn't off so we didn't buy a sweetie.

We had a great time with grandma and Israel.


Jori's report

This is all aboot me and my Grandma. I went to Kruger wath my Grandma and mom and dad and Tyson and Israel. We saw Ellufents. We saw lions. We saw bufulloe. We saw cheetuz. We saw a dead cumellen (chameleon). We saw Black Muma (Mamba) that wuz dead cause a bred (bird) dropt the snake. We allsoe went to the lion and rino parek. We saw chetus then we saw wild dogs. Then we peted babe lions it wus fun.

Wen my Grandma was here on the last nite we had a sleepover. We had ckandee. Frest we woocht a move. The move pozd (The movie paused) my mom and dad trid to fix the move it didn't wrok sow we went to the room. We pllad gamez. The ckandees names wor snaks alive and enerjellebebabeve (enerjelly babies) and smardese. Then we went to bed. My Grandma sllept weth us in the morneen.

Allso when my Grandma was here we jumped on the trampolen and sumtimz my Grandma jumpt me. It was fun. Sumtimz my Grandma trid to crac me opin the gam was collth (called) crac the egg. The gam was fun. She woocht me jump sumtims.

We went to the zipline the big sweeing was next to the zipllin. I wint on the zipllin. It was fun. I coodent (couldn't) run off the boord. It was my birthyday pressint.

It was fun with tham.  

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Anonymous said...

i love the spelling of elephant and that Jori got to see a Black muma....i guess there are alot of those out there!

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