Sunday, June 10, 2012

I almost made it the full year...

We've been here just a few days short of a year and today I had the unfortunate experience of touching an electrified fence. OUCH! I've closed the gate at our neighbors 100's of times without any problems but this afternoon my hand must have slipped because I felt a huge zing shoot from the fingers on my right hand, through my chest and out my left arm. Darin saw the whole thing and was kind enough to laugh at my misfortune. What a dear. 

In other electrical news, one of our light bulbs exploded today. We came home from church, Darin flicked on the switch and CRASH! The sound of glass shattering and hitting the tile floor was all around us. We aren't sure why it happened, but we hope it won't happen again!

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carolinecollie said...

Yikes! Careful, friend! Glad you're okay! And congrats that you've almost made it a full year! Hooray!