Friday, June 8, 2012

A Glimpse into our Week

I think most people in the US are busy wrapping up the school year and getting ready to enjoy the summer months, while here in South Africa our kids just started school again on Monday after a 3 week break and we are definitely feeling like winter is here. Darin left for a meeting yesterday morning and it was 34ยบ F out, which may not seem so cold to many of you, but when you remember that we don't have central heating and our brick and tile house doesn't really lend itself to warming up quickly, you might start to feel a little bit sorry for us.

Darin is in charge of school this morning. He is teaching the kids fractions. I am thankful he is around to work on math with the kids as it is definitely not my forte. Have I ever mentioned before that I took Math 100(basic math) at Calvin and it was not uncommon for me to get a D on my tests? I am definitely not a math brain. Tyson and Jori tend to take after their dad, but from what I can hear, fractions have them a bit flustered.

Jori has said some funny things this week. Both of our kids have colds right now and she was giving Darin a little commentary on all her ailments. She said she had the coughs, the sniffles and the sleeps. Darin had never heard of anyone having the sleeps, so he asked her to explain. "Well, I yawned 21 times during school."

On Sunday, Jori and I were in the same bathroom stall before church. She said "There are 5 ___ in here", but I could not make out what she was saying. "There are 5 ___in here". What? "There are 5 buns in here." Even hearing what she was saying did not clarify things for me as we were the only 2 people in the stall and I had only counted 2 other women in the bathroom when we came in. Finally, in a slightly exasperated tone she said "You know, 5 toilet paper buns".  "Oh, you mean rolls." I can see where she'd get the 2 mixed up.

Happy weekend!

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