Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fritter Fry

I'm adding something new to the list of things I've done once and don't plan to do again; fry banana fritters in oil. I think I'll be sticking to baked goods from now on and leave the frying to the professionals. I had some bananas that needed to be used up and my original plan was to make banana bread. Instead I took out my handy Wycliffe cookbook and saw a recipe for banana fritters and I thought, "Those sound good". Note to self-learn to stick to your original plans, especially when you are hungry and just want a sweet treat to eat.

Making the batter was easy enough. I even whipped egg whites for the first time ever and folded them into the rest of the batter. Go me. I put my oil on to heat up and I tested a little bit of batter and it all seemed ready. Being a frying novice, I didn't know how long the fritters had to stay in, so I was trying to judge it by the color. That proved to be my downfall. I fried up all the fritters and they were looking so lovely laying there on the brown paper bag I had laid out to absorb any excess oil. I even rolled them in cinnamon and sugar.

I told the kids to take a little break from school so we could have a tasty treat. We took our fritters outside and dug in. The outside was beautiful and crispy. However, the inside of the fritters was another matter completely. Uncooked batter was starting to pool out of the hole we had just bitten into our individual treats. I took the kids half eaten fritters away from them, went back inside and broke the cooling fritters in half. They were all still full of batter.

Rather than let the whole experiment go to waste, I heated the oil back up, split all the fritters in half and refried them. The cinnamon sugar topping that I had so loving rolled each fritter in made my oil turn a bit black, so the recooked fritters are a little darker than I would have liked them, but at least they are cooked through. In my refrying haste, I also splashed a little oil on my shirt, which I wear at least once or twice a week, so I'm a little bummed about that as I'm pretty sure oil will not be easy to get out.

I'm planning to try my hand at making scones in the next week, so hopefully that venture will be a little more straightforward.


Michelle B said...

Try putting corn starch on the oily spot - it might soak up the oil.

pjvs50@gmail.com said...

Too bad I cannot have that shirt-I am an expert on stains and spots with all the experience I have had.:)

Sounds like you frittered your time away. Good old banana bread or banana CAKE!!

I thought the kids posts would be there. Soon!! They are my favorites. Off to market-Laurie found coupons for free candy bars-you know her so I am checking.She is still the coupon champ with their doubles at Safeway. Even a dollar one is worth 1.50. But plain food is the goal!!!!!! Healthy and easy and fried in ok occasionally. Ha

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