Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Birthdays are Coming! The Birthdays are Coming!

June is quickly approaching and we will soon have an 8 and 6 year old in the house! Last year our kids were blessed by an outpouring of birthday greetings from family and friends that we had collected and brought with us to South Africa. This year I am a little off my game and forgot to do some advanced planning. Darin's mom is here now, so it's too late to have people send cards to her to pack up and bring along. Instead, I am going to ask that if anyone wants to bring a little birthday joy to a special birthday girl and boy (I just had to make it rhyme) would you please be so kind as to send a card/s directly to us in South Africa? 

The kids birthdays are on June 16 (Tyson) and June 18 (Jori), so to make sure the cards get here in time it would be best to send them within the next week or so. Our mailing address is as follows:

Tyson and/or Jori Fey
c/o The Hardings
PO Box 2642
Hammanskraal 0400
South Africa

Thanks for your help! 

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