Sunday, April 22, 2012

Random News of the Week

I never thought I’d say it, but there are some parts of home school that I am really going to miss. As much as my kids drive me crazy, I am going to miss having them around and seeing the world through their eyes. Someday they’ll be in a school and they’ll probably leave the house at 8:30 and get home around 4:15. Then there will be home work, a little play time, dinner, a little more down time and then it’s off to bed. That makes me sad. Does this mean I plan to home school when we are back in the US? Um, no, but before we moved I did look into a program at Freedom Christian that was 2 days of home school and 3 days of being in school and I think that could be a pretty cool thing.

This morning after Darin and Tyson got back from a bike ride, Jori said, “Why were you gone so short?”  I had to swallow a laugh because it sounded so funny. From her point of view, her sentence totally made sense because short and long are opposites and I’m sure she’s heard someone say “Why were you gone so long?” so it made perfect sense to her.
We were in the car talking about how when we watch our friend’s kids this weekend we’ll have to squeeze all 7 of us into our 5 seater car. Jori said “That is so boring”, which leads me to believe she doesn’t know the meaning of the word boring. She has also used the word rusty as an adjective from time to time, but she uses it to describe emotions and I have to really think hard to figure out exactly what she’s feeling when she’s “rusty.” Perhaps we’ll do a lesson on adjectives soon.
I am ready to be back at our house. The TV and Wii are special treats for the kids, but all the screen time is turning them into little monsters. They’ve been crying and arguing and are just so whiny and disagreeable. I am ready to have our big yard back with lots of room for the kids to run. I’m hoping that being outside for several hours each day and not sitting in front of a TV screen will do wonders for their attitudes, which in turn will do wonders for mine.
However, I am really amazed at how quickly Tyson became a pro on the Lego Star Wars game for the Wii. He has figured out how to get to different levels and earn new characters. He gets so excited when he figures out something new and it is fun to share in that excitement with him. I am so terrible at games like that, so it just boggles my mind how a kid is able to figure it all out.
We are now half way through our babysitting weekend of fun. Having an extra 7 year old boy and an extra 5 year old girl is really not so difficult, but Darin and I had both forgotten how busy a 2 year old boy can be! I feel several years older after just a couple days and can totally understand why my friend often takes naps when her older kids are at school. I would totally do the same. We had also forgotten how snuggly and incredibly sweet 2 year olds can be. After the first bedtime routine I totally wanted to go out and get a two year old of my own. Then the next morning rolled around and I felt like an old woman and thought maybe that wasn’t such a great idea after all.
Our kids love to watch the cartoon Phineas and Ferb, but I must admit to becoming quite addicted to it myself. I find myself channel surfing after they are in bed, and if Phineas and Ferb is on, I will choose it over almost any other show. I also have gotten hooked on the show Sister Wives, about the fundamentalist Mormon’s who live in polygamy. I just have a weird fascination with that show. Now you know my guilty pleasures. Kid shows and polygamists. Again, it will be good for ALL of us to no longer have access to cable TV for a while!
We had just walked back into the house where we are cat sitting and Jori said “FYI, I’m going to climb out the window now”. The climbing out the window part didn’t really faze me, but I was very interested in where she learned the phrase “FYI” and if she even knew what it meant. It turns out she heard it on the movie The Princess Protection Program, and no, she didn’t have a clue what it meant. She just managed to use it in a sentence that made total sense.

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Michelle B said...

I often say to Liam, you don't really know what that means, do you? when he throw a phrase into what he's saying that seems unusual for him to know. FYI - it makes me laugh.

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