Saturday, March 31, 2012

A very random update

I know, I know. I keep saying I am going to be better about blogging and then I’m just not. So I just won’t keep saying that I’ll do better. It is Saturday afternoon. We are leaving for a cell braai (cookout) in about an hour. Right now the kids are outside playing with beetles. I am so glad they are so easily entertained.

We had a creature in our kitchen. We weren’t sure what it was, but three nights running it managed to grab the cheese off of the rat trap we had set for it without setting off the trap. Last night we decided to set the trap with something a little more difficult to remove - a piece of bacon and this morning we found out what has been leaving little turds in our kitchen cupboards - a Dormouse. It was fuzzy with a longer and fluffier tail than a normal mouse and kind of cute looking, more like a hamster than a rat, but now it is dead.

I thought that was the end of creatures and turds in our house, but earlier today I was reading in the “hot tub room”, where the two halves of the house join together. This room was kind of built on top of two separate small houses, so the roof of each house is partially enclosed. Make sense? Doesn’t really need to. Anyways, I was reading my book and I heard something fall on the ground. I assumed it was a bug and started looking around to make sure it wasn’t anything that was going to crawl on me. I saw a brown clump on the ground in front on me. Darin came into the room then because he had heard something in the thatch. He stood so he could see on top of one of the roof sections and sure enough, we have a monitor lizard in the house and its turd had just rolled down the roof and landed in front of me. We had a similar situation in 2008, but that lizard was close to 2 feet long and this one is only about 15 inches. Good times.

Speaking of lizards, we were across the road for a while this morning playing with the kids on the swing set when something plopped out of the tree and landed in the dirt right next to where some of the kids were swinging. It was a rather large chameleon. It split its belly open a bit from the fall, but otherwise appeared fine, and everyone enjoyed looking at it and holding it for a while.

I am going to prepare myself for a snake to be curled up in my bed when we get home tonight. That would cap off this weekend full of critters.

I said this would be random, and so now the randomness begins. I have some questions and I would like some answers. The questions are not related at all, just things that have been going through my mind.
What can I use to make sun and wind damaged hair look a little less fried? Poor Jori looks like an urchin even when I do take the time to do her hair. Mine isn’t much better.  I have heard of using vinegar, mayo, eggs and beer, but I don’t really want to smell like a 4th of July picnic.

Can you put ranch seasoning in hummus to make a healthier veggie dip? Someone please try this as I really want to know.

End of random questioning.

We had a very busy week and I won’t even try to explain it all in detail here. Darin had a lot of meetings with and in regards to Mama Cathrine and her organization. We are both very excited about the progress that has recently been made with all of that. We had dinner out with some new friends on Tuesday and cell on Thursday and the braai tonight, so it has been a very social week for us. I am not used to being quite so social anymore, but it is all good. On Wednesday we had 4 boys and a girl, ages 2-4, over from across the road. I had forgotten how tiring young children can be, especially when they aren’t able to use the bathroom on their own with any consistency. We had two accidents, pee only thankfully and one little boy that wanted to use the toilet about every 15 minutes. The kids love helping out with chores, so I did a few loads of laundry so they could help hang it up. They also washed our outdoor table and chairs. The rest of the time was spent playing dress up and watching a video and having lunch. We made mac and cheese, but the group was split about 50/50 with those who liked it and those who wanted peanut butter on bread instead. We love those kids.

Next week we house sit again. We are looking forward to the change of pace, but genuinely love where we are currently living, so it is hard to pack up and leave. Soon after we get back, Darin’s mom and brother are coming to visit!! We are all so excited for that! We hope to put some pictures up on Picasa tonight or for sure next week when we start house sitting, so be looking for those. March was a busy month for us!

Til next time.

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Hallelujah...was wondering what you were up to..missing. you to the moon

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