Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tyson's Lion Park Report

We drove to the lion park. Then we got out. Then we drove around we saw all different kinds of animals even one that we don't have sable antelopes. Then we drove to where we parked. Then we went in. Then we saw baby meerkats. 3 of them. They're so brave that the big ones can take down a snake. They saw a cat and then they turned from side to side. They followed a airplane sound.

We went into a baby lion cage. We got to pet them. One climbed on the roof of there sleeping thing. Then the same one that climbed on the roof climbed on the rocks. Then that one got a drink from their watering hole.

Then we drove through lions we saw yellowish orngeish ones. Then just white ones. Then one in the yellowish orngeish group tried to lay on a male but it bounced back up. One in the white group is a star in a movie called White Lion. We also saw cheetahs they ran because of a truck. We also saw Wild Dogs they just sleped.

Then we fed a giraffe. We fed him giraffe food. He ate off of Papas head. He had a tongue 10 inches! We felt his horns there hard I know cause I saw a giraffe skull. Finally we huged him. The giraffe was the best.

 Jori's report

We saw baby Lions. We got to pet the baby Lions. It wus fun. I like Lions. Do you know wiy we went to the Lions park? Kus mi papa wus her. I lik to play with the Lions. Win we came in to the Lions parck we saw a draf out side the gate. It was funee. Lader we fed a giraffe and her tongue was slimee. She ate ot uv my hand and I hugt her. And we saw merekats. We saw three baby merekats and we saw the meerkats go in ther holes. Didn't you alrede know the meerkats liv in holes? I think you do do you? And when we came in we drove around we saw Lions cheetahs and wild dogs. And we saw jakls and hieenus. I luve baby Lions. 

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