Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Random news from the past couple weeks

It is Tuesday afternoon. The kids are outside playing something, either "Tuck Shop" or "Orphanage" seem to be high on their list to play these days. When they play Tuck Shop, Darin and I get to be their customers and they are always generous and offer us free sweeties. We were without power most of the day. Why, I couldn't tell you, but with Darin gone for a few hours, it just makes for a long day.

A couple weekends ago Tyson went to church camp. He had a fantastic time, although he came home so tired that he could hardly tell us a thing about it. Here is the report that he wrote about camp:

We drove to a camp named kimiad.  We only got to stay 1 day so sad hu.  But we still had fun because there was a pool.  I (Tyson) got stung by a wasp. That wasn't fun.  There was a tuckshop .   I got lots of  candy.  Do you know what they call golf here? (put put)!  We got to do games and do activities.  Our theme for camp was Psalm 139. 

Darin and Jori dropped Tyson off at church on Saturday morning and then we picked him back up from church on Sunday around 3. He was still in the same clothes that he had on when he was dropped off, but he said that he showered by himself and brushed his teeth two times. He mostly talked about buying stuff at the tuck shop and being able to keep buying more and more "because the lady kept giving me change!" and that there was free ice cream bars and he had 6 of them. The kids had a talent show on Saturday night and Tyson told two knock knock jokes and did his robot dance. I wish we could have been there to watch him, but we are so glad that he had a chance to do something special on his own, a very rare thing these days. While Tyson was gone, we tried to do some special things with Jori and on Sunday we went to friends for lunch and Jori got to swim and play with her friend Haley. So it was a fun weekend for all of us.

Darin has been keeping busy with a lot of different things. He's been in some meetings with our business partner, helping Amos get his new shop opened, meeting with people for various projects at Tshwaraganang and various other things that come up and take him away from home. I know that he is thankful to have these different activities to participate in and I am happy for him as I know it has been a struggle for him to not have work to keep his mind and hands busy. The kids and I have been busy with home school. Jori is reading, and it really just amazes me with how far she's come in just the past couple weeks. We are no longer having calendar time as our calendar will not stick on the wall and I got sick of fighting a losing battle. We'll try again in a few days and see what we can rig up.

Jori just came running in here and then hurried out with an armful of sweatshirts and old cell phones. She said they are playing "Storm" and have to get their house ready to keep them dry and warm. I would not want to be playing a game that required me to wear a sweatshirt right now. It has been hot here again these past couple days and the mosquitoes are out in full force. Darin can hardly stand to be outside once the sun starts to set as the mosquitoes really love to get a taste of him. Poor Jori suffers the same fate and Tyson to a lesser degree. I must not taste very good as I hardly get bit at all.

Tyson still has a loose tooth. It is now looser than before because Jori kicked him in the face while they were play fighting. His big tooth is almost totally in behind it, which makes it difficult for him to wiggle it back and forth. He is now so scared of the possible pain he'll experience when the tooth comes out that he will not let us near his mouth and does not dare to move the tooth around by himself. I try not to remember that this is only the first of many teeth that need to fall out of his mouth!

My dad is in South Africa right now, but not currently with us. He came in last week and we enjoyed a couple days of visiting with him. The kids sure kept their Papa busy with all sorts of requests. They chased a lot of butterflies and played a lot of Uno. Right now my dad is in Johannesburg as a trainer for Timothy Leadership Training. We are so thankful that he can use his gifts out here and also spend some time with us. Next week we'll get to spend a little more time with him and are looking forward to it.

That's all the news for now.

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Andrea H. said...

It's so interesting to read your stories Jonna and I find myself just sitting back and imagining what life is like there, seeing and experiencing all sorts of new and interesting things. I miss you but hope and pray that life is getting more and more normal. Thanks for sharing! xo

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