Friday, February 17, 2012

The Water Cycle

Here are the kid's reports on the water cycle and the little experiment that we did earlier this week. Adding some science to our week was a nice change of pace, but I can't promise it will become a regular part of our curriculum. Darin did give the kids a little science lesson in the car last night as we drove home from cell. He was explaining how we can see things in the dark, like the grass and the speed limit signs and he said it isn't just the light from our headlights that makes us see, but the objects reflect the light and that is the reason our eyes can see them. I thought this lesson was a bit over their heads, but then Tyson piped up from the backseat, "It's kind of like echolocation, right" and Darin and I just looked at each other and smiled, because the two ideas really are the same, only one deals with light and the other with sound. Why does Tyson know about echolocation? It's all thanks to PBS kids and shows like Cat in the Hat and Wild Kratts.

Ok, done bragging on my boy. Here are the reports!

The Water Cycle by Tyson

God made the water cycle so cool it goes on and on and on. The water evaporates from the sun. Then it goes into clouds then rain comes. It lands on different places.

We used water, plastic, rubber band, jar, ice. The jar represents our ocean. The water does to. The plastic is the cloud. The ice was the cold air that's how rain forms. The ice was on top the plastic. What happened. Water evaporated. Yes there were changes. It was on the side of the jar. It wasn't before.

Jori's report

We mayd a water cycle model. It was fun. We yosd a jar with sum wodr in it. I pretend it is a river and we poot a plastick toopen over it. We hatoo poot it in a sune spoot. We wint and checkt on it woter was on top of the top. We checkt on it win we checkt on it we poot a isckyoub on it. The drops wint undr the isckyoub we sool one drop. The icksperumit wus fun.

We made a water cycle model. It was fun. We used a jar with some water in it. I pretended it is a river and we put a plastic topping over it. We had to put it in a sunny spot. We went and checked on it water was on top of the top. We checked on it when we checked on it we put an ice cube on it. The drops went under the ice cube we saw on drop. The experiment was fun. 

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Hans en Gerrie said...

Thats a nice story again, we miss you all.
God bless you.
Hans en Gerrie

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