Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Rest

We are enjoying a quiet and restful Sunday. We had a wonderful time at church and were able to catch up with our friends there, even our friend Vongayi who we hadn't seen since December. Vongayi is from Zimbabwe and has come to South Africa to get her Master's in Clinical Psychology, a course of study that is no longer available at the University of Zimbabwe. After talking to her and a few other friends, we headed home. We try not to linger too long at church because the 45 minute drive back to Hammanskraal is especially long when we are all feeling hungry! When we were almost home, Darin said he saw a big animal on the road, so we drove on and were happy to see some giraffe. It had been such a long time since we last saw them, so we all were happy to take some time and watch them cross the road and eat from the leafy tops of the trees. We also saw kudu, zebra and impala. A mini game drive!

We had a good lunch of grilled cheese (and fresh garden tomatoes for me!) and then the kids spent the next couple hours playing computer games. Yes, I said hours, which is probably not a good habit to get into everyday, but the game they were playing was educational and they were playing it quietly together so we'll just let that slide. Darin and I both read and Darin also spent some time "marula-ing", which involves picking a target and throwing marulas at the target, which is usually the compost pile or a tree outside the fence. I went outside for a while and happened to see a zebra at the watering hole. I moved to get a better view and saw that it was with a kudu! I'm guessing these were the same kudu and zebra that we had seen together when we were coming home from church. There was also a mother blesbok and 2 babies. The whole group headed off together in a line after getting a drink of water. Maybe they have formed their own little herd, kind of like the animals on Ice Age. 

Darin and I read some more and the kids dressed up and were giggling like mad. They came in to my room and Jori said "We are from Chinese, but we don't speak Chinese and our hair isn't black because we dyed it white". Tyson said his name was Ching Wah Wah and Jori was Ching Choo Choo.  Later she came into my room in her regular clothes and asked if I had seen any Chinese kids. Those two have more fun together and they are both so weird. 

Now we are making dinner. Darin is cooking up beets from the garden, we have canned peas, carrots and ranch dip and potato bake. Lots of veggies tonight! I wish I had some chocolate to wash it all down, but we finished our Cadbury bar last night. Although, now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure we have one bag of M&M's left from when my mom and dad came out!! After dinner we are planning to go on a game drive and then when the kids are in bed Darin and I will watch 24. 

We are thankful for these days of rest that God is giving our family. 


Hans en Gerrie said...

Dear friends, dear brothers and sisters in the Lord.
It is nice to read your blog again. We have had also a nice and blessed sunday. But I have a question what is a marula. I don't understand this part of your blog..
We still miss you very much. God bless you.
Gif the kids a big hug. ( and give eachother a hug.;-) )
Kind regards Hans and Gerrie from a cold Holland.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a nice Sunday. We had a nice Sunday in MInnesota also. But not a giraff or zebra in site! Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.


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