Thursday, February 16, 2012

School Days

The kids have been hard at work the past couple weeks with all sorts of learning. Jori has been working hard on her long vowel sounds and adding 2 digit numbers while Tyson has been learning about synonyms, antonyms, bar graphs, and the Patriarchs. They have also been doing some writing. 

Last week I had the kids do some reading and then Jori had to write up a little report/opinion piece while Tyson had to report some facts. Jori read in her Dick and Jane book and Tyson read a couple different books about George Washington. After reading Jori's report, there should be no doubt that she is 1/4 Canadian : )

Dick and Jane

I like to rede aboot dick and Jane and aboot spot and aboot sally and mom and Dad and poof. it is fun reden aboot dick and Jane. i sum day wooto (want to) rede fancy nancy cus she is pritey i sumday woot to be lick hre (her) cus she is pritey.

George Washington

He won the two wars. he was married in 1759 to martha cutis. he was our first president. he was born in a virginia farmhouse. he had a horse to ride on.

This week the kids wrote reports about the water cycle. Here are a few words from Jori's report that I thought I'd give you a chance to decipher before I post her report with the translations. They are more difficult to figure out when they aren't in context, so good luck!


Stay tuned for the answers...

1 comment: said...

Two super reports!! Skittles are coming.
put soon ---- --- ice cube experiment Show her how they are spelled and she will catch on in time. A lot of teachers think the spelling is not important but I am from the old school. Don't correct her when she is writing but later just show her how it is really spelled.
Did the cobra get out of his prison?? arghhh. Clean the wood pile out of the shed. Snakes like hiding places like that. I'd rather worry about spelling than snakes.
Loving all of you.

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