Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Home School Holiday

We had a little home school holiday today. This morning, when I finally rolled out of bed and got myself ready for the day, I came out to make my coffee and found that the kids were nowhere to be seen. They often watch movies in the morning or are just hanging around begging for a snack, even though they just finished breakfast, but today they were gone. Then I heard their sweet little voices coming from Jori's room. They were playing house or school or birthday party or a combination of the three with their "guys". A little while later, as I was reading our emails, Tyson came out to ask if it would be ok if he and Jori got married, "But just for pretend". I said sure, and they've been more or less happily married since that time. They've had a couple moments throughout the day where Tyson's been a little rough or Little Miss Bossy Pants has decided she's "not playing this game anymore", but then they smooth things out and keep on playing. We set up the computer in their room so they could watch a movie and we were able to listen in on their conversation from our bedroom. It was funny hearing them call each other "honey". Those two bring so much joy to our lives and a lot of laughter too.

It was nice having a little break from our normal routine, although I now have to really push myself to get stuff ready for tomorrow. I am not a very organized person, especially when I need to be organized about something I'd rather not even do in the first place, but I'm trying to be better about things. I'll leave you with some short reports that the kids wrote after watching the Wild Kratts episode about lions. Tyson had to write 5 sentences that included facts from the show as well as a beginning and ending sentence, and Jori had to write 3 facts about the show plus the other two sentences. I helped Jori by writing down her facts right after we watched the show and then I reread the facts to her while she was writing.

Jori's report

I'm goona rit three faks of Lions. A BaBe elufat wus skard that lions wr goona jump on him. The babe elufat wus strog but he stil did. To Babe Lions thek it is fun to resll. I hop you lik mi ruport.

(I'm going to write three facts of lions. A baby elephant was scared that lions were going to jump on him. The baby elephant was strong but he still died. Two baby lions think it is fun to wrestle. I hope you like my report.)

Lions by Tyson

I have to write 5 facts about lions. They jump on there preys back. They guard there carcass. They suffacate there prey. There scared of male elephants. The male lions guard the cubs. Bye. Cool report huh?

Apparently we need a recap on the "there", "their", "they're" lesson we had a couple months ago! Such wonderful reports from my two favorite students. 

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Anonymous said...

So fun to read this one! First of all, I had to laugh when you talked about them playing house and getting married... Mollie and Cody do this all the time and I LOVE hearing them call each other "hon." :) So funny to hear about the things they talk about when they're "married" too... usually it has some bits and pieces of conversations that Tyler and I have had recently- lol! Keeps me in check to watch what I say in front of the kids. ;) I also loved reading Jori's little report on the lions. Thanks to my "former first grade teacher eyes" I understood every word she said and loved reading it... I kinda miss reading those cute sentences from my students. :) Besides, the English language can be so confusing at times, that often their phonic spelling made WAY more sense! :) You're doing good, teacher Jonna! Love you! Tami

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