Monday, January 23, 2012

Wild Kratts reports

If you have kids that watch PBS, then you have probably seen or at least heard of Wild Kratts. Wild Kratts is a cartoon based on two real brothers, Chris and Martin Kratt. Tyson and Jori absolutely loved watching the Wild Kratts cartoon back in Michigan and continue to love watching the few episodes we downloaded off of iTunes. For Christmas, Darin and I bought them the series “Be the Creature”, which is a non-animated show about wild animals starring the Kratt brothers. We thought this would be a series the whole family could enjoy watching together, and after 2 episodes I’d say we thought right! Last week the kids wrote reports about the Wild Kratts, both the show, the Kratt brothers and how they like to pretend to be the Wild Kratts. Enjoy!

Jori’s report (punctuation added by me)
We lik to play wilthe krats. It is fun. Me and Tysin has ur batapack. I luve plaeng wiulthe krats. We se lots uv anumths. I luve luve luve plaen wilthe krats. Ha ha ha. My and Tyson lik to pretend that we dig for klams. It is fun digen for cklams. I lik it en a ruport.
(We like to play Wild Krats. It is fun. Me and Tyson has our backpacks. I love playing Wild Kratts. We see lots of animals. I love, love, love playing Wild Kratts. Ha ha ha. Me and Tyson like to pretend that we dig for clams. It is fun digging for clams. I like it in a report.)
Tyson’s report
Me and my sister play wild krats I pretend to be Martin Jori pretends to be Aviva. We got the idea from the real wild krats. We watched two episods of the real wild Krats the we played the two episods. The episods were Brown Bear and wild Dogs. We pretended to help dig a wild dog hole for 20 wild dog babies. Bears are omnivores. Lepords are seris (serious) predotors to wild dogs. There was a sick baby named marvoe. We seen lions when we were here in 2008. I’m excited to see the lion episode.

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